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How much Movicol

I have, after a painful episode and a CT scan, been advised to take 8 Movicol a day to get the "stuff" moving.

I am on day 6 now.

Less pain possibly more bloating but no obvious affect yet.

I haven't returned to "normal".

- all these euphemisms.

The packet says 8 a day for three days, do you think it's OK to keep taking this amount for a week , or more?

Hope everyone has a nice day tomorrow.


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Hi Sheila you might need to take some Docusate to help it along so to speak. Then you can reduce the Movicol.

Lucy x


I'd keep at it for another couple of days and be warned: when it goes. There are several great (not sure if that's the description...) and useful blogs on this recently - pop constipation into the search bar top right and there are loads of tips. I think the consensus is generally to do a bit of everything - the fruits and juices, Movicol to hydrate everything usually comes through in the end, and a bit of medication help too can the cork, if you will pardon the phrase! Senna, and other OTC meds work for some, others have been prescribed.Safe to say though that if no joy you must go back to GP again as soon after Xmas as poss. And don't ignore severe pain even if over xmas. You can't go on indefinitely with this. Fingers crossed for you, it's a miserable problem. X


Hi Sheila ,

Agree with Lucy that you may need ducosate or senna-your GP should be able to advise you.

I had lots of problems with constipation and continue to have a tin of prunes most days which really works!

Hope it works.

Happy Christmas to everyone on Ovacome.

Anne x


I needed the 8 to get me moving! Hope it works in time for the annual 'stuffyourselfathon' !




I also are having 6 sachets of movicol but have been on it for 3 weeks and still very slow have been in hospital with it , now out but stomach huge as fluid present as well feel like I am going to explode. I think I am being admitted on 27 or 28 to reassess the situation. Really fed up with feeling so bloated xx


Oh you have my sympathies.

Wish I could offer some constructive advice.

Thanks for all the replies and help.


I took senna as well as movical. But if eight not working I agree you need to get back to doctor as soon as possible.


I had the same problem and took movicol over 3 days but got things moving with some glycerin suppositories, they are cheap and you can buy them over the counter for about £2.50. They soften anything low down and allow the movicol to move things on, you may also need an oral softener as posted above. Xx hope you get moving soon - I was given lots of advice on here so check back on previous posts xx


Gwyn also has great advice with her Shiatzu massager - or concrete mixer as she calls it!. Good luck! xxxx Annie


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