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Severe abdominal pain

Hello beautiful ladies, been a while since I posted, have been admitted 5 times in as many weeks with severe abdo pain. Started the myocet after lots if tears and worries. After gettin second opinions from America it seemed that this is definitely the way forward. My onc who is usually very blunt was fantastic after I voiced my concerns and my faith in him has been restored. I am having second cycle later on today. Was wondering if anyone else has had episodes of severe abdo pain and what you were told about the cause. The pain starts with lots of wind and within a couple of hours I am bent over double. I have been told that it could be adhesions, it could be a blockage or it could be progression of desease causing it. This Sunday was the worst episode yet, I was floating for two days with the drugs they had given me. It has made me so anxious and I have been very tearful thinking I am going to die in severe pain. Is that the way things go with ovarian cancer? My onc tells me it will be third cycle before they can tell me if chemo is working, have been very down, could really do with some encouraging examples. Sorry to be on such a downer.

Hugs to you all


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Dear Shabila,

So sorry to read of your distress!

I don't have any similar experience, but just want to say try not to panic. There are several reasons this could be happening to you whilst you are still healing from surgery.

I hope sincerely that they find, and resolve the reason for you completely as soon as possible.

Sending love,



Hi Shabila

Sorry to hear about your pain.

I have had, in some cases, quite bad pain due to trapped wind after each chemo. There are times when I have been doubled up with it, but when I force mysel to stretch I can feel it gurgling around. I have found that reflexology can help, as can the good old fashioned cuddle a hot water bottle!

It does take a long time after surgery for the wind to settle down, so some of your pain could be caused by this

Love Chris


Thank you ladies for your speedy response, I am now on 3rd line chemo and last surgery was in jan 11 so am doubtful it is to do with surgery unless it is adhesions caused by the surgery. So sick of being sick!!!!


Can absolutely understand. I know that wind can cause absolute agony. Is this a possible side effect of the myocet? I am absolutely clueless but I have lived with two people who have had huge problems with wind. Sometimes activated charcoal, which you can buy from any chemist, can help. The other near instant remedy is Deflatine. You can also get simethicone, the anti wind component of Deflatine, I don't know whether this is prescription only. With the two people I have known, much depends on recognising the onset signs and taking immediate action. I found an old GP was much better at helping with this than the younger ones, perhaps because in the past medicines such as lansoprazole weren't available.

I wish I could wave a magic wand for you. Distant hugs and I hope so much you find something or someone to help.


Hi Shabila

I am sorry you are having all this pain. Isn't there anyone at the hospital who can help? If you have the CNS's number, (or could get it via the gynae dept at the hospital) I think she may be able to give you some ideas of how to cope or reassure you, but you'd have to ring them on Monday I suppose now, as it's the weekend. Sorry I can't help, but just wanted to send a big hug. Hope you get some relief soon

Love Wendy xx


Hi Shabila. I'm so sorry to hear that you are in such pain. I haven't tried myocet, but after my very first session of carbo/taxol I had the most unbearable abdo pain and was admitted to hospital after going to A&E. I was told it was a partial bowel obstruction and given fluids for a few days and it all resolved itself. My Onc advised that the abdominal cavity is jammed packed already with our insides and that the additional OC complicates matters and can affect normal bowel activity. I was advised to eat smaller more frequent snacks/meals until the discomfort has passed. Also try and eat easily digestible foods during this difficult time as well.

Hope you feel better soon and do let us know how you get on.

All the best.


Hi Shabila

If the cause is wind, then hot peppermint tea can be very good for that. I've suffered with occasional bouts of 'colic' for as long as I can remember, where I would end up doubled up in pain for an hour and the only thing I ever found that helped me was peppermint tea. Doing stretching exercises, as Chris says, can help too, if you can do them before the pain gets too excruciating. I found that the things that aggravated it were tight waistbands and stress.

All the best, G


I don't know the answer, but hopefully the myocet will help. Very sorry you are having such a bad time. Love, drdu. xx


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