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Carol concert

Well I made it to the Carol concert. I was feeling washed out all day and wasn't sure if I would make it. I rested all day and it paid off as I felt well enough to go. It was a really nice concert and no one was coughing or spluttering so felt relaxed. The icing on the cake for me was at the end one of my yoga ladies came running up to me and gave me a cwtch. (Cuddle in English) I hadn't seen her since I was diagnosed so it was very emotional. I hadn't expected to see her there.

May have an easy day again tomorrow, I'm listening to my body.

Goodnight everyone

Jean xx

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Glad you are sticking to keeping up with life Jean (though I take it from the post timing it was another slightly sleepless night! For me too thanks to steroids for past two days.... I wrote some fundraising thoughts down at about 4am!). Keep taking it easy, and do remember immunity will keep declining so keep up the "thoughtful" decisions about situations to get into!




Hi Sue. Yes sleepless night again but I have now finished steroids till next time so hopefully will get more sleep. The concert was well timed because as you say my immunity is on the decline. Going to try and have an hour now before I get up but not holding my breath. Lol.





Glad you managed to get to the carol concert Jean. Hope you manage to rest up a bit today.

Love Mary xx


Sounds like a lovely evening. All the best for the next few days.

Linda xx


Hi Jean,

Carol sevice's are great aren't they? so uplifting, best wishes x G x :-)


So glad you got to the concert Jean, and no coughing or spluttering!

Take it easy.

Love Linda xx


Great that you got to the concert, I attended one in Caerphilly Castle last week. I have finished chemo now so not so worried about infection. I have had more sleepless nights since chemo finished than I ever did during.

Keep resting and have a wonderful Christmas, Nadolig Llawen xx


Dear Jean

I'm really pleased to hear you managed the carol concert. I was a bit frightened by all the things I couldn't do according to the oncologist but as time went on I adjusted to the new me and in fact went out and about much as before as my immune system seemed OK. Everyone is different so it's just a matter of suck it and see how you get on - but just be careful not to expose yourself to coughs and colds if you can avoid them.

I know just how you feel meeting up with your yoga class friend. I let it be known that I'd love visitors to the house and gave out my mobile number. People need a bit of reassurance before they change their friendship patterns and call at the house if you haven't previously met like that. My chemotherapy then became a very social period with colleagues, acquaintances and neighbours calling to see me which I really enjoyed and avoided the feeling of isolation I would otherwise have felt.

I'm really sorry to hear about the sleepless nights. It was a great shock to me as I've always slept well. Hopefully someone else on the site might be up and about or the night must seem endless. Good idea of yours to put your feet up in the day to make up for the no-sleep night.

Hope you're feeling well after the chemotherapy and we might meet up.

Lots of love xxx Annie


So glad you made it to the carol concert. I really miss hearing all the children's voices singing their carols at Christmas, now I am retired. I hope you have a better nights sleep tonight.

Love n hugs

Wendy xx


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