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upper abdomanel pain or Ulcer?

Hi Everyone,

Just would like to ask, has anyone had upper abdomanel pain i.e acid pain, burping, flatulance, feeling hungrey after eating a few hours later, do you know if this can be due to having had Chemotherapy I finished 2 months ago or just the trauma of going through everything after begin dignosed with O.C I was given Lansoprazole to take for a month but my syptoms came back after I had finished them, dare I say it but can you get that kind of discomfort with recurrence? it is the only problem I have, other than that I feel really good, I will be going to my G.P tomorrow, I dont want a repeat, of everything just before I was dignosed with O.C. I had my last blood test on September 30th my C125 was 19 from 10.000 before I was dignosed

Sarah P.

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Hi Sarah

I'm not sure if I can be much help apart from saying I've been on Lanzaprasole for many years and and continued to take them through my chemos, surgery, ilesotomy etc. I can't do without them as I then get the pain exactly as you're describing. So perhaps your doctor would look into this and maybe prescribe them for you on a much longer or permanent basis.

I have to take the dissolvable type because of my ileostomy but the tablet form worked perfectly well for me before I had the stoma.

Good luck.

Love Cathy x


Hi I am one of the suport line nurses. I do hope that your Gp was able to sort you out. It may be that you need to be on the Lansoprazole for a bit longer. Glad to hear that your Ca 125 has come down so much with your treatment. If we can help further do give us a call. It is very normal to imagine that every ache and pain is something to do with the cancer which of course is not always the case

Best Wishes



Hi Sarah,

It is 7 months since my last chemo and I still get the same symptoms as you are checking out here. The only difference is I don`t experience the pain you described, I take Renitidine for the acid reflux though. It always seems to catch me about 3pm, no matter if I have eaten or not and whatever I eat has made no difference. I do know I was given ranitidine intravenously as a pre chemo treatment, so the chemo does cause this acid burning however, I am unsure to whether we should still be experiencing it.

My husband experienced the same as you he had horrendous pain with his too. He had this checked out with a endoscopy which discovered an ulceration, I wasn`t suprised after all the worry I put him through. So an ulcer could be the cause, best to get it checked out sweetheart.

One thing my oncologist told me was that usually a reoccurance of OC will be expected in the lower abdomanal area, but I`d still have this checked out if I was you, we can`t afford not to really.

All the very best



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