Best pain relief? Or alternative?

Hi ladies, I write recently about joint/bone/generalised pain 8 month after all treatment had finished and whether anyone had also also experienced this and many of you replied to me- thank you.

I wanted to update this question with what, if any pain relief have any of you found, that works?

I have tried tramadol, and now about to try declefnec as the GP's recent suggestion to try me on Gabapentin (an anti-epeleptic drug) was making me feel awful.

Do any of you have pain medication that works or helps with joint/neuropathic type pain?

Thank you again xx

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  • Hi Nicky I found tramadol worked for me but obviously it's not working for you? Be mindful that declefenic (or however your spell it) can upset your tummy, (wind, cramps etc). Kathy xxx

  • Thank you Kathy. The Drs keep saying 'Oh its the menopause'. But this does not really help! I have tried so many supplements and things that might work but the pain is the main thing I am toiling with just now. Thank you xx

  • Epsom salt baths help to soothe aching joints and muscles. I used them almost daily during chemo for bone pain (like someone was sticking voodoo pins in my thighs!).

    I'm all stiff and creaky now (chemo after effects? Menopause? Who knows!) and I still have a bath a couple of times a week. It's not a magic cure, but it helps to ease the pain.

    You need to use a hefty amount, not just a little sprinkle - at least 2 cups. Add a little bicarb of soda to help with alkalising the body too 😊

    (PS I suggest Epsom salts for everything - sorry if you've read this before 😆)

    Yosh x

  • Thank you so much for your help and reply, so appreciated. I hope you are doing ok now? Thank you x

  • Thanks Nicky. One month clear from NED...relaxing in an Epsom salt bath this evening.

    The salts are also high in magnesium which is easily absorbed through the skin - great for helping to boost mood too. I use them if I'm feeling grumpy and it generally helps to turn things around for me!

  • Some one posted they also add Lavender oil to the salts

  • Yes, that's good too, especially for sleep/relaxation, although I think they need to be diluted in a little carrier oil to mix into the bath. I read something about it, but I can't remember where! My husband and kids make bath bombs with lavender oil in - they've been inspired by my love of Epsom salts!

  • Well get you hubby and children to make you a bath bomb, because you are worth it,

  • Thank you so much xx

  • Hi. I've had neuropathic pain for 10 years which is unrelated to my OC. It was following some dental work that went wrong and damaged my nerve. So I have a permanently inflamed nerve in my mouth and face along with some lack of feeling mixed in for good measure. I was at one point given carbamazepine (an anti-epileptic drug) and found the side effects to be prohibitive, i.e. terrible dizziness and I kept falling over, so also couldn't drive or work. They did sod all for the pain too. I found that none of the painkillers do anything for me either. So I was referred to my local Pain Management Clinic at the hospital. I've had acupuncture every 6 weeks for the last few years and have found that whilst it doesn't take the pain away completely it keeps it at a manageable level.

    I know the way the pain has started is different, but my point is, you may have a Pain Management Clinic near you who would offer alternative options. This may be acupuncture, but also CBT (therapy to help manage the pain), other drug options, etc. Usually you find that pain relief differs for everyone. Whilst acupuncture works for some of us it doesn't work for everyone, but something else will work for another person that won't work for me.

    A warm bath is a good option for more immediate relief. The nervous system has a lovely way of prioritising sensations. So by holding something warm against a painful area it takes up space in the nerves to communicate the temperature change and leaves less space for the 'ow' factor. I've often sat with a hot water bottle pressed against my face for this reason.

    I also trained as a medical herbalist and have been able to use herbs on occasion. However, I would not recommend anything on this forum. If you did want to try herbs I would suggest you look at a qualified herbalist who is registered with a professional body and preferably has experience of working with cancer patients. You'll need to know that anything you do won't interfere with any existing treatment and is appropriate for you. Do not use the internet for self prescribing.

    On the menopausal joint pain - I found it eased over time and I don't have it any more (2 years post op). I put this down to having followed hospital advice with the recovery exercises and then restarting my yoga classes as soon as I was allowed (though at an easier pace initially). Then just easing myself back into physical stuff such as walking the dog, upping my activity in yoga, etc.

  • Thank you so much xxx

  • I am on Naproxen for tendonitis at the moment. My onc did feel sorry for me and gave me tramadol which did work but I probably then overdid the walking. I also have osteopenia and have started Fosavance. I imagine all are chemo related and rt related since the tendonitis is in the area I had rt. Difene can be hard on the stomach. Some of us on here has used epsom salts baths and found them beneficial. You can also add lavender oil to the bath water.

  • Thank you xxx

  • I have local anesthetisic patches for my back & rub ibuprofen cream into my fingers

  • Thank you xx

  • If it is nerve pain there is a prescription (in Ireland) cream containing capsicum - cannot think of name at the moment. Capsicum is what makes chilies hot. The idea is to overload nerves so they quit sending pain signals to your brain. Cymbalta and lyrica are both antidepressant meds also used for peripheral neuropathy. I am on a combination of the 3 at the moment which takes the edge off. I am also a big fan of acupuncture.


  • Hi Susan, sorry for butting in, if you could let me know the name of the cream please as I would ask my gp for some. I cannot get rid of the hip problem. I am beginning to feel a bit less sore the past few days. Guess what the reason is? My oldie dog had to be put to sleep, she was incontinent so was doing a lot of dragging and pulling washing her every other day and her bedding daily. So it was probably over exertion as even in the cold it seems to less painful fingers crossed, thanks again.

  • I am sorry about your dog. less work is nice. The name of the cream is zacin - capsaicin. My chemist has to order it because they do not have anyone else looking for it.


  • Thank you for that will certainly mention it to gp next time I am there

  • Acupuncture got me through my chemo with no painkillers for joint aches... big big fan


  • Thank you great x

  • Not sure if you would consider cannabis? I find this helps with lots of things, to help me sleep, pain relief and anxiety. X

  • I am interested in the cannibus route, also for hubby who has Parkinson disease how do you acquire and take it many thanks

  • Thank you actually I take a version that I think helps but it has the 'drug' bits taken out to leave simply the high quality oil. Google 'Love cbd oil' valo. It is very good and depending on the strength you choose, you can start on 2 or 4 Drops per day. I take it every day. I am sure it makes a difference.

  • Thank you I will look into this. My aches and pains are terrible at moment anything worth a try x

  • Thank you xx

  • I am fed up with pain since my hernia and some weird joint pains in a couple of fingers and my hips. I was given Colchicine for gout and it sorted the other aches too so maybe?


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