Getting my mo jo back (i hope)

Hello lovely ladies.

I may be a little premature in saying this but over the last 3 or 4 days i have began to feel like maybe a little bit of my old self is returning. And not before time. I have been a blubbering wreck for about 2 years now. I have let people upset me and walk all over me. I have been treated badly by people i thought were my friends.

And well the other day i woke up with this feeling of, NO MORE. it doesnt matter that im hurt by you i am not going to let you drag me down and upset me any more.

I have decided to be as two faced as they are and be all nice and smiles to their faces. I want to be the strong feisty suzanne that i was before OC. Having a hysterectomy made me feel like a completely different person. Well im hoping that the old me is on her way back.

I hope you are all doing well out there. Love to you all.


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  • That is so good to hear, Suzanne! You have been through a bad time and it's understandable that you've been feeling down. I hope you have turned the corner towards a brighter, confident,healthier future. Long may you smile! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-D

    Love Wendy xx

  • :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    Thank you wendy. I hope I keep it up.


  • Dear Suzanne

    I'm so pleased to read your blog. I think you should continue being the lovely person you are - but with the old assertion and confidence back in place then people wouldn't dare take advantage. I hate anyone who's made you miserable over the last two years.

    Give it to them Suzanne - now you'll have to change your name to SuzanneMo jo xxxx lol

    loads of love Annie

  • Aww thank you Annie. Your comment made me smile.. Ive decided each morning i will wake up with a more positive attitude and say to myself "you cannot hurt me , you cannot hurt me I am strong" lol see if it works.


    I hope you are well.

    Lots of love

    suzanne. xxxx

  • I'm glad you're cheered up. I just hope these people who hurt you aren't in your close family or circle because nobody could keep up smiling and be strong against that sort of onslaught.

    I wonder if it's true that if you like yourself everyone will like you too. Well most people will.

    We all love you. xxxx

  • Hi Suzanne,

    I think you have been through enough hurt with the chemo and op. So whatever people say or do its nothing compared to that. I think we are all so strong to go through what we do and get through it.

    So hold your head high because your a WINNER in more ways than one.

    Here is to a new year and hopefully a better one for you

    Love Babs x x

  • Thank you Babs. I cant tell you how much all your kind words mean to me. I love and appriciate having you all here.

    Love suzanne. Xx

  • Hi Suzanne,

    So good to hear, I hope you continue to rise above all the horrible people in your life...we all love you on here (and we mean it) lots of love x G x :-) :-)

  • Thank you Gwyn. I am so happy your all here for me. And i love you all too. Truly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Xxxxxx

  • Hooray! What a nice blog post :) :) :)

    You go for it - I reckon half the battle is deciding to take no more crap!


  • Hi.. Yes your right!! And i certainly am not going to. I think i am getting stronger. Even if i do have a little cry in private! Im not going to let them ser.


  • You go girl! Wipe the floor with the lot of them!


    Linda xx

  • Thank you linda. I really do intend too.


  • Hi Suzanne

    That is fantastic news that you are feeling so much have had a terrible trauma and this takes lots and lots time to get over.

    I was told once that confident people act confidently , speak confidently and look confident ...but that we can all do this and therefore appear confident to other people. I try this and it (sometimes) works.

    Time truly is a great healer. I barely recognise the person I am now compared with 6 or 12 months ago and you will be the same

    Take care and thanks for all the support.


    Charlie. Xxx

  • Hi charlie how are you hun?

    Thank you for your kind wise words. Thats exactly what im going to do. Im going to hold my heaf high and be confident.


    Suzanne. Xxxxxx

  • I'm fine Suzanne thanks, still have pain , but live with it and with time am feeling stronger physically and emotionally. I take lots of exercise, stay very busy , do volunteer work on my day off and on sundays and try to have healthy / legal / non fattening treats. This has taken a long time though.

    Merry Christmas

    Charlie xxx

  • Hi there Suzanne ,

    Really good to hear you are feeling much more positive and assertive , you are turning that corner now and going forward to where you want to be in readiness for the new year ..

    It all takes time ..I think we forget that in the hurley burley life we all lead today give you self a little bit more 'ME' time ..most important that xxx

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a nice glass of what ever you fancy ....

    Love Jan xxxx

  • Thank you jan. Sounds like just the ticket. ME time is what i neef. Thank you and merry christmas too you to.


  • Thank you jan thats just what i need. ME time. Thank you. I hope you are well. Have a great xmas.


  • Well done Suzanne,

    I am a great believer in positive thinking, you go girl!


    Jan x

  • Hi Suzanne

    Good on you, don't let the b*****s get you down, you are worth much more than that. Like Annie I really haven't got time for people that are unpleasant, you don't need them in your life...sad people!

    What we have all been through is life changing, but we have to embrace the new life and make the most of what we have.

    Stay strong and be're worth it!

    Love Linda xx

  • What a great blog! You show them what you're made of. It's nice to hear that you've got your fighting spirit back and that you're feeling like your old self. Long may it continue x

  • Hi Suzanne,

    Great to hear you are feeling more confident.It's not surprising you lost your

    confidence....going through this surgery and chemo changes us all and you

    are very young to go through all of this..... also having a teenage daughter to

    cope with too...I think you are very strong and you sound like a lovely person.

    So it's onwards and upwards from here....

    Have a lovely christmas and a positive 2013.

    Take care Angie xx

  • Hi Suzanne

    So glad that you are feeling better. A big BOO to all the bullies. Once they realise they no longer have the power to hurt you they will back off.

    Here's to you :) :) :)

    Love & best wishes Mary xxx

  • Hi Suzanne

    I'm really pleased that you posted because look at all the positive messages and love for you that have resulted. I have always found that others who hurt us or say one thing and do another are the ones to be pitied as they are the ones with the shortcomings and not us. Often they have a deep seated problem that is nothing to do with us we just get in the way of their ill mood or personality, life is full of lessons but a key one is to be kind to ourselves, be confident and happy whatever comes our way and you will find that the detractors disappear as they can't cope with such blessings and what you are left with are the people that love and care for you no matter what. You are the most important person - no one else, and anyone who has been mean or two faced will face situations themselves that will make them reflect and hopefully be better in the future, but you don't need to worry about them as only you can make yourself feel unworthy of anything and only you can stride out and take control. You have the innate ability within yourself for that you are strong and beautiful and have already faced so much that irritating bullies are a waste of your time. So go out and show them that beauty and strength are what matters and both you have in spades.

    Much love and hugs

    Amanda xx

  • Thank you so much amanda. Your right i have had some wonderful comments on here. its sooooo good having all this love and support. People on here are my rock. I know that we all have felt the same at some point and i dont have that kind of understanding ant where else but here. I am so grateful for each and every obe of you. So thank you. With all my heart..


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