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Progress and thanks

Back in August/Sept many of you were kind to support my wife and I when she was going through a rough patch and had recently been diagnosed. I wanted to bring some news and updates. Sue has had her first set of chemos and was referred to a surgeon in England, based at Gateshead, because his team was experienced enough to be more radical (Sue had some tumours in tricky places). She had a big op and was in hospital for a week and then stayed a further week nearby before coming home with me to Wales. The surgeon was very pleased and all the disease tissue was removed leaving only a few small specks (2 to 3 mms) and she is now to have another set of chemo. She is very tired from the op but very pleased. before the op and between chemo downs we enjoyed several trips and short breaks. We have booked a holiday in February and have a couple of short breaks before then. It has been very tough on us )especially Sue of course) but we are battling on and trying to take things in our stride. I must admit though I did a lot of pacing around when she was in the operating theatre for 7 hours! All the best everyone.

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Thanks for the update. So glad to hear that things have gone well and hope Sue will soon be feeling better from the operation. It's great that you've both got some good things lined up to look forward to



Very best wishes to you both.

You have all my sympathy about the waiting whilst your wife was in surgery - my husband says it was the worst experience of his life!

I can't imagine - at least I was unconscious!

Wishing her a complete and speedy recovery.



Thanks so much for posting up how Sue's getting on. It's been a tough time for you both but hopefully now you're back home recuperating and recovering.

The short-break holidays seem a great idea to me. I shall be doing the same.

Please give Sue my love I'm the only ROCC in Wales so happy to chat on the phone should Sue want to talk anything over. xxxx Annie


Thank you so much for the update, and I hope things will be back to normal soon (well as normal as they can be) sending you both my very best wishes love x G x :-)


Glad that that things are going in the right direction. It is very wise to take short breaks and holidays. I found that having something to look forward to really helped.

Very best wishes to you both.

Mary xx


So glad that things are moving in the right direction for Sue. Thanks for up-dating us :-)

My husband still remembers that wait ........ and the sound of me, talking loudly, high on morphine, as they wheeled me back ;-) Relief!!!!

I hope that things soon get even better for you both. Where would we girls be without our families and friends cheering us onwards and upwards :-D

Love Wendy xx


Wishing you both well for the next round of treatment. Glad to hear things have gone well so far and I hope you really enjoy the breaks you have planned, and Christmas, of course.

Do keep us posted.

Linda xx


hi there was just wondering what surgeon at gateshead hospital sue had. i had my opp there by mr keith godfrey and was just wondering, that was 13 years ago tho, and he was brill, he saved my life. just curious


The op was led by a Mr Naik with a team of other surgeons whose names I'm not sure of. He's a lovely bloke.


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