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Help . Surgery


Hi ladies , went to see lady surgeon yesterday at st Mary’s in Manchester, and I’m booked in for surgery on Tuesday. I’m a nervous wreck at the moment . She said this is my best chance of getting a good outcome . This will be followed by three more lots of chemo four weeks after the op . She said some ladies choose not to have the surgery and just keep going with the chemo, but it was my decision. Any advise please . Thank you x

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Good luck. The surgery and the aftermath are pretty foul, but you will recover! Give yourself plenty of time, gentle exercise, read, watch telly etc, it will pass!

Thank you Rachael , hope your doing ok xxx

Chin up, lovely! This is going to be tough as Rachael47 wrote but it will offer you bigger rewards if you can find the strength and energy to go through it. But there will be moments of joy too so try to look out for them. I remember prior to one of my ops the anaesthetist made me a spectacle case out of a paper kidney dish, which took my mind off what was about to happen. When I woke up there were my specs safe and sound in the best spectacle case I've ever had. You will be so chuffed with yourself once you're out the other side! Go for it, girl! Gx

Thanks for taking the time to reply , it’s all the waiting around that’s hard , hope your doing ok xxx

Hi. I was PETRIFIED of the surgery. But was out of hospital within 4 days. It was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. I believe it's the fear of the unknown which is the worst thing. Pain relief is available, but to be honest it wasn't that bad? Bet you felt so apprehensive before chemo? Was it as bad as you thought the process would be? This is coming from me the biggest wimp you will ever meet and if I can get through it you can too xx. Chin up, or in my case 'chinS'. Sending you a big hug. Kathy xx

Thanks Kathy , fear of the unknown is always hard . Hope your ok xxx

I would ( and did) go for it. I found a surgeon I trusted and he delivered! I was NED after my op and had two more chemo to mop up. I found the op surprisingly do-able and the recovery was fine. Courage to the fore! You can do this if you choose to xx

I agree with everything the others here have said. Also look on the op as a positive, if it is operable then that is a major plus. It is a large operation, but I was out of hospital day 5. Best of luck Therese

I'm three weeks today post de-bulking surgery. I spent the first night in ITU just to be monitored and four nights on a ward. I'm now feeling great! Have been out walking this morning, baked scones and dropped the children to school. I too was scared stiff (even though I'm a nurse) but pace yourself, listen to your body and I'm sure you'll do really well. Take care xx

Thank you , you did really well , hope I can be like you xxx

I am sure I'm only here today because of the skill of the surgeons as, once I had the recurrence, I was told chemos would not kill is, only getting out all the cancer cells. And if they couldn't get every 'last little sod' (my words not theirs!) out then it would buy me a lot more time. I'm now five years since surgery and I was told about 12 months ago that the longest remission known for clear cell is 36months....I'm 58 since finishing the post surgery chemo, so our fingers are twisted into crosses!

For nerves, I packed my 'hospital survival kit' (usual I-pad, ear-phones, books etc. plus eye-mask and ear plugs. I should have taken a peg for my nose too!

Warmest good luck,


I do think you have done the right thing. Take it day by day. You will surprise yourself 🙂 Linda 💐

I do hope so Linda 🤞🤞

You've got my vote! Good luck. One step at a time.


Thanks Nancy xxx

Hi Shiela you will be fine and just give yourself time to recover and be kind to yourself xx

It’s very scary but you’ve got this x

Prof Jayson told me surgery was the best way to get rid of the beast xx

Good luck sweetie xx

Thanks Bev xxx

Thank you Bev , I know I have to have it done I’m just a whimp , all the hanging about yesterday was a nightmare . I’m packing a bag as if I’m going on holiday, then I remember there’s nowhere to put the stuff!!! Hope your doing ok on your trial drug xxxx

Just to wish you best of luck with the surgery - it’s not the nicest thing I’ve had done but you do recover - just go at own pace and ask for pain relief if you need it - tbh I wasn’t in that much pain post op so had to fob them off by having paracetamol as they were determined to ply me with meds! Don’t lift and hold a cushion over tummy when you cough - and keep on top of bowels as you don’t want to be straining x

Thanks , the dreaded bowels!!!

I thought the surgery was ok too....i had a morphine thing where you press a button for pain relief but I didn't use it. Just had the paracetamol they brought round. Out of bed on the first day and only in for 4. I think the sheer relief it was done helped a lot!



Thanks Lyn , just want it to be over xxx

wishing you all the best. We have to seize all the lifelines thrown to us!

Take all the pain relief they offer you (and all the moving meds). Have a folded handtowel to hold against your wound to help you move. Take some peppermint tea bags to help with the wind and remember with the love and good wishes from all around, you'll get through it fine.

Sandra Xxx

It took me longer to recover from the operation because I developed sepsis and had to go back into surgery . This is a rare complication but I mention it to make the point we are all different so try not to have firm expectations of recovery time. Everyone gets better at their own pace and it will take as long as it takes.

I am now 3 1/2 years on feeling well and loving life. Even though it was not straight forward for me I am glad I did it and would make the same decision again.

All the very best.


Thanks Julia, I worry about sepsis, I asked my surgeon about it . In fact I worry about everything since my diagnosis. All the what ifs . Xx

My advice for what it’s worth is not to waste time and energy on things that may or may not happen but know that you will just deal with whatever comes along. We ladies are made of stern stuff otherwise we would not still be here.

Good luck with the op. I was only in for 2 nights and paracetamol for 4 days. The worst part was the noise on the ward and trying to get a good night sleep.

Best wishes


Thank you Fay , I’ve packed my ear plugs and eye mask , I know how noisy it is at night on the ward , can never get any sleep.i was reading some of your post about the doctors being so reluctant to give information out., like your not meant to know about yourself , why are they like that , every question is answered with , well everyone is different, or we don’t know . Very frustrating x

Oh I agree with Fay , the worst thing was the noise on the ward .I was in for five days , and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared. They give you plenty of pain relief and I’m not sure you need it all . Good luck to you and remember to update us .xxJuliaxx

Thanks , no doubt I’ll be on the site asking all sorts of questions xx

So not Christie's? Wonder if she is Greek with an impossible name to pronounce, maybe she covers st Mary's as well ?If so she is lovely and the same lady I had just under two years ago now.... be assured she will look after you and done very best for you...

Just take it very easy and let others wait on you

All the best janet x

I’m at Christie’s in Manchester, I think the lady you mean is a prof F in a London hospital. I’d thought about going to see her but the distance would have been a problem.x

Hi Machesterlady. My advice is to have the surgery. It's still the most effective treatment for OC, as far as I know. So I'd always choose surgery, if it is available. In fact, I had two of them so far (both times the big laparotomy i.e. 30 cm long cut). Both times all of the visible tumours could be removed, which makes it much easier for a chemo to mop up.

The first 48 hrs are a bit annoying, with the tubes and whatnot, and then it gets better rapidly. Just ask for pain relief when you need it (mine was never too bad) and try to be good to your bowels e.g. peppermint tea for wind, some careful moving around the ward and drinking sufficiently to get the bowels moving again after surgery. The rolled towel trick is very useful too.

I know you are terrified of the surgery.. so was I. But look at how far you've come since your diagnosis. Nowadays, you provide support and advice to others, and you have made it through several chemo treatments etc. Well done! Xx. Maus

Just wanted to wish you all the best for surgery. Plenty of common sense info from the lovely ladies and sounds like you’re well prepared with ear plugs etc. Jo 🌹🌼🌺🌻🌸

I had a huge 7- hour surgery. I had complications and was very weak but was still up and about in a week and left hospital after 12 days. I didn't have much pain and didn't use the painkillers they gave me to take home. The long incision healed well and faded surprisingly quickly. I lost weight after surgery but apparently this is normal. My worst problem was anxiety in the first months after the op and I went fir counselling at the Macmillan centre. I think it just got better as I got stronger and my confidence started to return. One thing that helped me a lot was visits by the palliative care physiotherapist- she gave me some incredibly simple exercises to do to strengthen the muscles after surgery - this helped much more than I had expected and cured the back pain that was quite bad.

Wishing you all the best and yes the waiting around is the worst bit. I find anaesthetics are really weird as you go to sleep and wake up as if no time has passed! I was lucky to be on a ward that had individual rooms with En suite and only in for two nights. Only given paracetamol and ibuprofen but it wasn’t really needed just a bit sore trying to sit up so get your arms ready for taking the strain! I felt better knowing they had removed as much of the beast as possible so the chemo didn’t have as much to deal with. I did have some issues with wound healing but got there in the end. You will be well looked after I am sure and look forward to hearing that it wasn’t so bad! Take care and sending love and hugs xxx Jane

St Mary's are brilliant. You will receive the best of care. Good luck.

Good luck for Tuesday. You've had some good advice here, I'd just add not to forget to take the chargers for your gadgets.

If you're awake in the middle of the night, as is often the case in hospitals, and your friends / family are fast asleep, you can post here, as our Oz and NZ friends are awake and doubtless will keep you company.

Follow the advice of your nurses. If they think it's time you got out of bed and sit in the chair, then do your best to do so. Likewise when they suggest you walk to the shower, etc. Walking really does help. Oh, and doubtless you will have injections every day to help prevent blood clots because you're more immobile than normal. Watch carefully how the nurses do this as you will likely be given a supply to take home. I failed to watch and hadn't much of a clue had to do it. Mine were into the thigh.

All the best!

Thanks January , had some good advice from the lovely ladies on here , having a bit of a wobbler today , moments of sheer panic . Got my chargers ready . Good to know about you being around on the other side of the world . Hope you are ok xxx

Wishing you successful surgery today . I know I was terrified before hand but it is Certainly worth it .

Mary x

Hi Marylondon , had a major meltdown this morning . Told I’d be waiting for 6 hours. Saw surgeon and anesthetise. Down th theatre at twelve back on ward by four . Surgeon can’t to see me and said she had only seen three cases where the chemo hat hah such a goof response as I had . No sign of disease anywher. And she had a good rummage around . Still have 3chemos left though . Will see how I cope tomorrow. Thank you . Sorry for the errors . Morphine brain xx

Well...that sounds like an amazing result! Fantastic!

Time now to settle yourself, try and cut down on some of the worrying, relax and regroup. You're on the right side of the operation now. Just 3 chemos to go and we're all behind you cheering you on :-)



Thanks for your reply Lynn , feeling quite sore this morning. Been awake most of the night , checking me every hour , this must be the noisiest place I’ve ever been to . Will be in for the week . Hope you are doing well xxx

Wow! That is great & very encouraging news. After all the worry , the surgery was worth it .

Wishing you a steady recovery and some peaceful rest when you get home . Keep those ear plugs in at night meanwhile!

Mary x

Thanks Mary , so right about the noise xxx

Well done on getting that over and done with - and great news on the disease front too- try and rest when you can -you don’t start to recuperate properly till you’re home ! X

Thanks , nearly chickened out yesterday. I’m here till

Monday , then I have someone to come in every morning to help me shower and dress , hopefully I won’t need her for long xx

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