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Is it likely that taking aspirin may help families with BRCA2 gene mutation?

Hi All,

I have been watching the news and see that taking aspirin is likely to help people with a history of bowel cancer.

I had breast cancer at the age of 32 and ovarian cancer at the age of 52. It is Stage 3C. I responded well to taxol and carboplatin but had a relapse in March and thankfully am clear again with CA125 of 6. I am on Icon 6 trial also. Otherwise, I feel quite fit and healthy at the moment.

However, last year I had a genetic test which showed that I have the mutation even though there is not evidence of breast or ovarian cancer in my family.

I find this very difficult at times as I carry it around in my head most of the time. My daughter is about the age when I had breast cancer. She has recently had a baby daughter and I am only now in a position to talk to her. However, she obviously can't cope with it as she doesn't want to talk about it. Therefore, I haven't spoken to my sons or my brother as yet so nobody is even considering a test.

I would be really pleased to hear if anyone else is in this position. I worry about the implications on my family as much as my cancer. I do have a genetic counseling appointment in November so hoping this will help.

I see was mentioned for people interested in the aspirin trial.

It would be great to know that there is something happening for the families of BRCA1 and BRCA 2.

I'd be grateful to hear if anyone has any experience or knows anything more about this.


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Hi Chez,

I am 45 and was considered young for oc, and also my Father died of prostate cancer so they looked at my BRAC1 and BRAC2 genes but there was no alteration. BUT if there had been, I could have qualified for the PARP inhibitor trial. I would certainly pursue this as an option for yourself should you need to in the future.

Love Lizzie



Hi Lizzie,

Thank you so much for that. I will certainly ask about that when I go for my next appointment. It's a good idea to keep informed on what's out there for us. Thanks again.

Love Chez



Hi Chez, I am in a similar position to you - Breast Cancer aged 35, Ovarian Cancer Stage 3C aged 44 and recurrence aged 46 plus BRCA2 mutation. My husband keep suggesting that I should also go on the aspirin - I see one of my consultants this week and will try to remember to ask him. I have had the news about the BRCA gene for about 4 years now so we are quite relaxed about it as a family. It did come as a shock when first diagnosed though as you feel as though you are potentially opening a can of worms for your whole family. On the other hand, I feel that forewarned is fore armed and certainly wish that I had known about the BRCA gene earlier for myself as it would have given me the opportunity to take precautions or to be extra vigilant. If you live in the London area, there are two monthly ovarian cancer support groups running where you might be able to meet others also of course there is the Ovacome support line which can give you many answers.


Hi Adele,

Thanks so much for your response. It's good to hear about your situation as I haven't had any contact with anybody with BRCA gene alteration so far. Yes, I feel the same in that at least we have more information than when we first got the cancer all those years ago. As regards the aspirin, it sounded as though it would be helpful for family members who were potential carriers to take the daily dose too? I hope to find the answer to that at some point. I think there will be a support group attached to the genetics dept at Addenbrookes. There wasn't at the hospital that organised my test.

Thanks again.

Chez x


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