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I need some advice, please! I look pregnant but I'm not!

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I have over the last couple of years put weight on JUST around my tummy. I have been asked so many times when baby number 3 is due that I'm not only being driven crazy but I'm depressed about not being able to get rid of it. I was diagnosed 4 years ago with Rheumatoid Arthritis which means exercise is difficult but despite my best efforts my tummy is getting bigger and is becoming more and more uncomfortable. My Rheumatologist suggested it could be ovarian cysts (which I have before and were benign) or fibroids and I've been to see my GP who is arranging for ultrasounds, a chest xray and other tests to be done.

I have had trouble with my periods for around 9 months now which I put down to the RA drugs. I have to sleep with a pillow under my tummy as the weight of it drags so badly in bed when I'm on my side. I can no longer suck it in when walking about (to avoid comments) as it hurts so much, it feels solid and gets heavier as the day goes on. My back hurts. I'm tired and get breathless and have developed a cough (which could be a side effect of RA drugs). I get pains in my tummy especially around my period and when I ovulate. I feel like I need a wee all the time, even when I've just been and get constipated. I feel nauseas (which could be down to RA drugs) and when I eat I can only eat a small amount before feeling full, getting indigestion but then feeling hungry again an hour or so later.

I've been scaring myself silly reading through some of the blogs on this site but the more I read the more it sounds like me :( I'm very concerned about it now and just don't know what to do next! Thanks in advance for your help, Jo.

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Hi I am one of the support line nurses and I am sorry to hear of the problems you have been experiencing. You may find it helpful to give us a ring in the office so that we can talk things through.Our number is 08453710554 or 02072996650 Mon - Fri 10-5.

It is obviously difficult to say exactly what is the problem but I think it is most important you go to your GP so that they can find out what is the problem

Best Wishes


Thank you for the number Ruth, if I find I'm not getting anywhere with my GP then I'll be giving you a call. I'm still waiting for appointments to come through, my GP is very thorough and I'm probably worrying about nothing, just with reading through the other posts I got myself in a bot of a tizzy this afternoon! Regards, Jo.

Thats fine but do feel free to give us a ring rather than allowing yourself to worry


I would echo Ruth's comments. It is important to check with your GP so any tests needed can be done. You might also like to look up the Ovacome BEATonline symptom tracker so you can record what's happening and print it out to take to your GP with you, in case it is anything that needs investigating. It is important to get this seen to, as the fear will be making you feel worse, and if there is any further investigation needed, it's better to get going with it earlier rather than later. Do give Ruth a ring, they are so knowledgeable and sympathetic.

All the best

Love Wendy xx

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emandedmum in reply to wendydee

Thanks Wendy, I am just really fed up with myself at the moment! Hoping to get some answers soon, one way or the other. Sorry to be such a bother ;) Jo x

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wendydee in reply to emandedmum

No bother at all! That's the whole point of this site, to support each other. You will soon be getting on with your appointment, hopefully. Keep in touch

Love, Wendy xx

I can only agree totally with Ruth and Wendy. It is important that you get something done as soon as possible and find out exactly what is happening. If your GP is as thorough as you say, perhaps you could suggest that you are sent for an ultrasound and have tests done for OC. It may not be anything to do with it, but you will worry until you have exhausted the tests. Try to be gentle with yourself and ring Ruth at Ovacome; they are very helpful.

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emandedmum in reply to Eleni

Thanks Eleni, I'm feeling a bit brighter today and do have a GP appointment next week (earliest I could get) so will let you all know how it goes. Regards, Jo

When I was concerned about it being oc I told my GP's receptionist and she gave me an emergency appointment the next day. May be worth a try if you are worried...

Thanks for that, they are usually very good with emergency appointments but would like to see same GP which is difficult as she works between two surgeries so next week it is...

I am catching up after a holiday and am sorry to hear about your worries. I do hope that the GP was helpful and has aranged the necessary tests to be done quickly. How re you now?


Omg I have Exacly the same symptoms I look 2-3 months pregnant and I've had this for a few years now and it's gradually getting bigger . I'm 18 and I've had no kids I can't wear clothes I want ,I can't wear tight clothing or any dresses coz I look pregnant and I feel so uncountable. I get so upset and depressed about is as I feel like I'm missing out on teenage years coz I can't wear clothes most teens are wearing :/

I have pain in my lower stomech all the time , struggle to go to the toilet and wen my stomech bloats it feels rock hard when I eat and when I have had nothing to eat it's still big I can't win :/

I have had blood tests and a ultra sound they have put me down as ibs thts not enough :/

I need more reliable tests I've been waiting for agers for a gasology appointment taking forever I really want to no what is wrong :/ hope you find out soon as I no how it feels to have your symptoms good luck :) x

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Dear JadeLouise,

I just thought I would mention that you are commenting to a post that is three years old, you would be better commenting on a more uptodate post, you can see this by the date or time span of the post at the top righthand side of the post.

It can be most distressing to some members of this forum when people persist in commenting on old posts because some people who have taken part in older threads are no longer with us, we feel it is unnecessary to be constantly reminded of this when we ourselves have an incurable disease.

I know you are anxious and in this case the person that originally posted..(that you seem to think you have the same symptoms as her) actually wasn't diagnosed with ovarian cancer but is now on the fibromyoalgia support group... so if you think you have the same as her then you might be better posting your comment on there..

Or in order not to upset others on this forum on more recent posts.

However if you feel you have ovarian cancer you could give the ovacome helpline a ring tel 0845 371 0554 or 0207 299 6650 (open office hours only) xx

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