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Looking pregnant

I have 7 kids and have had a emergency c-section.that was with my 4th child.since then I can not get rid of this stomach.i really look like I'm 9 months pregnant.every time I go out I get asked when are u do.after a while I get "p" off and scream at hurts so bad.i have copd so I will have to exercise sparingly.i don't know the first thing of what to do about eating right and exercising.the doctors say there is nothing wrong.but I'm beginning to think other wise.please help.thanks.

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This is a site for women with ovarian cancer.

The similarity stops with your concerns with the bloating many of us suffer as a symptom which looks as if we are pregnant.

I think you're unlikely to get advice on here. Seven children is an awful lot to have, so perhaps it's inevitable? I've only got one and it shows still!

There's a lot of advice available about eating well and exercising. You could have a look at the books by Michael Mosley & Mimi Spencer- also websites..They're focused on weight loss but are full of useful advice more generally.

Good luck


Think you I'm sorry


My advice is get checked out immediately. We didn't and paid a the ultimate price. A simple blood test should put your mind at rest.

Although you don't mention other symptoms I would not assume that there are no other similarities to ovarian cancer as there may be other things which you do not mention. It is better to be safe than sorry, so get a blood test as soon as possible.


Than you I will do that


Please make sure you ask for the CA125 that's what I do on all of my blood tests now since my special person was diagnosed 2 years 3 months ago


Ok I will thank you and I'm sorry to hear that.there is a lot of different types of cancer that runs in my family.


Hi Momma, the fact you have come to this site means you are wondering if there could be something they are missing.

Most of us on here have oc & don't want to see another women suffer the way we have. Lets hope its down to having lots of children but it doesn't hurt to take this futher. The only person thats really going to keep you well is yourself.

When you visit your GP next ask for a ca 125 its a blood test that gives an idea what might be going on. It wouldn't hurt to ask for a vaginal scan of your ovaries. If all is well then you can look into a healthy eating plan & maybe exercise as well but put your mind at rest first.

I notice changes as long back as the start of 2010 but was told its middle age spread. When I moved my new GP was very rude & I went on battling to be taken seriously it took 5 years till it was found. I don't want another woman to suffer unnecessarily. Good luck let us know what happens next take care Cindyxx

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Thank you cancer runs in my family grandmother had it on her overies and she was in so much pain it killed me not being able to help her in any way.but what stuck to me was the doctor said she could have gotten it because she was sexually assaulted and so was I.she had a lot of kids like me .Also her stomach was kinda big .She had trouble going to the bathroom.but I guess what bothers me is she didn't start going down hill till she found out.


Hi Momma, when mine was found the GP ask if I had a lot of partners, had VD or a positive smear test. I was shocked to the questions but can say it was no to all 3 questions. Since then I have found out its nothing to do with any of the things the GP thought it was.

I am so sorry the GP was so wrong to of said that to your poor grandmother. Do make sure you mention that oc is in the family.

Let us know what they have to say. We are all here for you what ever happens. I will keep my fingers cross for you take care Cindyxx


Am I right in understanding that this has been a problem since your C section with your fourth child? If so, then as you say you have seven children in total, this seems a long standing issue for you and as Mac suggests above, something you will find better support for elsewhere.

I share other's passion that future women will not be diagnosed late with Ovarian Cancer but do feel we need to be balanced in our advice.

For anyone with concerns, I would strongly encourage the use of one of the online symptom diaries. Ovacome have an excellent one and Target Ovarian Cancer also have an app.

The key message is that the symptoms to look out for are new, frequent and persistent.

Going to the GP with specific information (such as the results of these diaries) helps the doctor- who cannot (in the UK at least) simply order a CA125 test on demand. For further information about CA125 I would recommend the leaflet available from Target Ovarian Cancer's website as it is a tool (with both false positives and negatives) rather than a definitive test.



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