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Can anyone help? Just got back from emergency docs. This afternoon I developed a severe pain in the right lower quarter of my abdomen. It was a sharp pain like a knife going in and was so bad it made me cry (I'm a bit of a baby). The only relief I got was when I sat down or if I held my tummy tightly over where the pain was. I took painkillers which didn't help at all and I got quite scared as I'd never had it before. I have done quite alot today, cleaned out the shed,hoovered and hubby said I'd prob pulled a muscle but it was a different type of pain. .Anyway ended up at emergency docs who examined me and said that he thought I was developing adhesions from my op ( total debaulking 12 Weeks ago) and that there wasn't alot to be done. I just wondered if anyone else had had this and how they coped? The pain has eased off a bit, but it was really bad and my tummy is very tender over where the pain is. I'm currently having chemo and I don't think I can cope if th ohs pain is going to continue. I'd be very grateful for any theories or advice. Thanks

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Hi Lisa,

I am sorry that you are not well, it is still early days and it does sound as if you are doing too much, it is so easy to pull a muscle or worse still get a hernia, I have an incisional hernia which means my intestine is poking through a tear in my abdomen after my operation, it is caused by either lifting or stretching and even though you might feel you can do things, it isn't really a good idea, you should try to take it easy and just do gentle exercise.

sending you my best wishes love x G x


Dear Lisa,

I'd say the same as Gwyn. It's hard to do almost nothing for 6 weeks after the op but they advise this for good reason - to ensure the stitches heal properly. I do wonder whether you have done a bit too much heavy work in one day? I really hope the pain is getting better by now. It must've been very frightening.

I do remember being told walking was good after a hysterectomy. Apparently the hip movement is good for healing all the stitches. Perhaps leave the heavy housework for someone else to do and do some gentle exercise?

love xxx Annie


Hi Lisa

I know how it is when you reach the stage that you want to be getting on and doing things but it really does sound as though you've been pushing yourself too far. If scar tissue develops on your internal wounds it can grow and attach itself to other organs and cause a lot of pain and problems. (sorry if I'm stating the obvious, but I didn't actually understand what was meant by adhesions until I looked it up!)

So please be careful and take the advice you would give to your best friend. The shed will still be there in a few months time ... And step away from the Hoover!




Thank you ladies for your replies. I thought I had been so good since my op, its been 13 Weeks now so thought I could do a but more as felt able to, makes me wonder how I will know when the time is right to do all I used to? I'm paranoid now that I've caused myself damage, the pain was so awful I wouldn't want to have it on a regular basis. Thankfully its eased off a little today butt I'm scared stuff now to even bend!! Thanks again, Lisa xx


Hi Lisa,

I think it is normal to get some quite nasty pains during the healing and recovery process. Remember that; if you have had a vertical incision from belly button down through the pevis, your muscle girdle has been totally disected. It does not repair, but there is always a line of scar tissue to which the muscles adhere, so activity leads to pulled and torn muscles lots during the first few months. I also found that I had pain from the site of the drain - much more than from the wound itself- that was like being stabbed (I imagine). Things feel different, and it is easy to panic at some of the more painful feelings - especially with the spectre of cancer lurking in your mind.

Try to relax and let things heal - a tape might help you to do this- and try new things gradually. Chemo will not help the healing process, so be aware of this.

Very best wishes,



Hi Lisa,

I agree with everyone else here.

It is 2 years since my op and I still find tummy tenderness when I over do things. What one would think is a simple task like gratting the cheese, whisking pudding batter (both by hand) is still a struggle for me because it pulls my tummy muscles. And if I spend too long knitting it flares the tender spots. It is similar to a pulled muscle, but not. To me it feels almost as though I have been glued together inside and the glue has come un-stuck. Also the skin either side of my scar sometimes feels harder than normal and one small area is more tender than the rest.

My oncologist explained it the same as its been explained to you, and my surgeon said that although they stitch you back layer by layer, to perfection before they close you up. 24 hours later it would look like a road traffic accident inside.

I think we can cause long term tenderness by over doing things while still in the heal stage. It takes a good year before we are fully healed but once we have developed severe leasions then we may always feel tenderness. It still pulls my tummy muscles to hoover , so hubby does that for me always.

I scared myself to death in hospital, I tried to get out of bed when the bed was too high and I screamed the place down in agony, I think I had done some damage inside and this is why I still find some discomfort.

I also pulled a tummy muscle when I was pregnant with my second daughter, I spent two weeks in hospital having pethadine for the pain. It was agony sweetheart, so I bet this is similar to what has happened to you. Remember a pulled muscle takes longer to heal than a break.

I would say you have certainly done whay too much, I don`t think I would tackle the shed myself after 2 years.

Take good care of yourself, remember you are precious, love from Tina xxx


Thank you so much, it was very scary as I've pulled a muscle before and this pain was much worse. I saw the chemo doctor today who said she thought I had probably pulled or torn a muscle or may even be developing a small hernia (deep joy). She said out was probably a bit early to be developing adhesions as the doctor last night thought so that's a good thing. Many thanks again to everyone who took the time to reply, wonderful advice as usual Lisa xxx


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