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Huge Relief

I have been worrying about some symptoms lately, indigestion, despite lansoprazole, loss of apetite, eratic bowel habits, tiredness etc, all of which could be a sign that my agressive cancer was on the move again or a side effect of all the painkillers I am taking for the horrendous sciatic pain. My GP did a CA125 test last week and I have just had a text from the surgery to say that the results are 'normal' so I assume it is the painkillers. I still feel foul and the pain can still be excruciating so I may opt for the op to stabilise my spine (I can feel the vertebrae grating occasionally) and hopefully go on enjoying my remission!

Whew! Never thought I would be relieved to know it is just a side effect of the sciatica treatment and not the OC on the march again!

Yippee girls! I look forward to a get together before Members day! Especially the suggestion of going clubbing to find me a man! I have only been to a club once - invited to a VIth former's 18th (talk about grab a grannie night!) and I could not possibly contemplate replacing my toy boys! LOL! But one lives in hope!

I am going to a friend's wedding in 2 weeks time (3rd time for both of them - in their 60's) so watch out for a new photo complete with gold Fascinator and new hairstyle!

Lots of love to you all!

Margaret xxxxxxxxxxx

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All sounds good to me Margaret ..great news well done.........

The problem is where do we go that's outrageous enough to find a man that is outrageous enough for you??? Haha ....thinking caps on ladies... uhmmmm cap on already...haha xx G

:-/ ;-) :-O


Indeed! I need all the help I can get! LOL!


No idea! I am just so fussy! LOL!


Smashing news for you Margaret and I bet it's puts a spring in your step today Mrs!


Beau x


Allowing for the sciatica very true! Metaphorically speaking!


Good news Margaret


Oh isn't it just!

Love you all!



And how!



Sorry you're still having so much pain and having to contemplate surgery but soooo pleased it's not the Return of the Beast.

I've never been a clubber either so I hope some of the sisters will be able to initiate us!

Lots of love



Thanx Linda! I am in extreme discomfort but so relieved! Don't know how I would get by without you all!


M xxxxxxx


Hello there Margaret ...

Painkillers can have a terrible effect on your stomach ..not very nice at all .... really strong ones play havoc with my insides ... so glad for you that its not what you had feared xxxx

We will have a great time in London .....

Take it easy now xxx

Love Jan xxx


I know but still stupid! Roll on May and a great time in London! At least we do not waste time! Women with cancer unite you have nothing to lose but your fears! (with apologies to Karl Marks!) LOL, we can win!

Have just booked my ticket to London to take part in a meeting on the part of Target OC! Maybe I can still make a difference!


Such good news, Margaret. Not the pain and sciatica bit though. I never liked clubbing in the 80's so now I am more than content with good conversation and great company. I am sure we will get that in buckets when we all meet up! Well done with the Target O work too. Are you one of their ambassadors? I work with one of them. Another Wendy from the Southend area. I am looking forward to a weekend in London soon. My friend's birthday and 'Top Hat'.

Hope the pain eases up a bit for you soon

Love Wendy xx :-)


Phew, Margaret, so glad it turned out well. So sorry about the Sciatica though. My brother in law was totally incapacitated with it earlier in the year and in misery. After many tries he found - not sure whether it was a chiropracter or osteopath who has helped him to the point where it is a fairly minor issue now. Presumably you have tried all that?

Look forward to the new photo with fascinator!

Monique x


Brilliant news Margaret. Sorry you are still in pain, but what a relief it's not the oc.

Love Chris x x


Dear Margaret,

I too have had bad sciatica which has been much relieved over

the past month by acapuncture. I go to a gentleman at Haven Trust on the grounds that he knows a lot about cancer and it's effects. However I do have to pay.

With kind regards,



Dear Margaret

That's the best blog ever - to hear the CA125 is normal and that you're looking forward to getting together in London. I have a friend to had an op to fuse two vertebrae. It put her out for several months - so hopefully if you go this route you can work it round the fun night out with us -club or no club.

Like Brid and Monique, I've also used alternative treatments - after a particularly bad skiing accident the orthopaedic surgeon in France recommended osteopathy and it worked really well. I've returned a few times since if anything goes wrong with my back or shoulders. I've also heard good things about acupuncture for backs so it may be worth trying those routes. If you see someone decent they will tell you if their therapies are likely to work or whether it's really better to go down the surgery route.

I'm looking forward to the fascinator photo and hearing how it all goes.

Loads of love xx Annie


Hi Margaret great news it is your sciatica and not the OC returned. I had it in November last year and they thought it was OC had loads of scans and things but just a slipped disc. Had the op but had nerve damage from the sciatica so at the moment still not too fast on my feet. I am glad I had it done as I am out of pain now just occasional backache.

Take care. Lucy x


Another sufferer! You have my heartfelt sympathy lucy!

My sciatica began iat the beginning of July and is no better! It was improving and was bearable but, since I had the epidural it is worse again. It is now confined to my whole right leg starting with the hip joint. The thigh (hamstring muscle) moves to screaming pitch when any pressure is put on it (viz sitting on a chair) my calf feels as if I have constant cramp and the ankle feels as if someone is pushing red hot skewers into it,

I have discovered that taking the Ibuprofen separately with food helps but It is interfering with my life and the tramadol makes me very sleepy. So far this week I have had to miss a production of Othello, leave a 'girlie' lunch early and, worst of all, give away my ticket for the opera tonight as I dare not risk it. My seats are in the middle of a row and it is impossible to stretch my leg so, if it became unbearable, I would be unable to get out without disturbing the whole row and, of course, the row behind.

I try not to let myself be restricted to the house and I walk every day and do my flexibility exercises on the gym ball but roll on the appointment with the pain clinic on Nov 26th to see if there is anything else I can do.perhaps I should get back in the pool! I shall contact my stoma nurse to learn to use a cap on the stoma which should make me less self conscious!

Gosh I do ramble! I can talk for England! Obviously I am the same on here! LOL! I send long texts too!



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