Family history of breast and/or ovarian cancer? BRCA positive? Support meeting in Essex UK

Family history of breast and/or ovarian cancer? BRCA positive? Support meeting in Essex UK

I would like to invite you to our next Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered (FORCE) UK meeting to be held on Sunday 7th October 2012 from 3pm - 5pm in Buckhurst Hill, Essex. This will be an informal get together for anyone affected by hereditary breast or ovarian cancer to provide information and peer-to-peer support and to share experiences. All are welcome, whatever hospital they are under, whether they have been tested or not, and whatever stage of the journey they are at.

Reply to this message or email for the address and to let me know who is coming.

best wishes


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  • Dear Sharon, it's great to hear about this event. I tested negative for the BRCA gene but I have contacts who have been tested positive. I'm a ROCC for the Wales area. Are you happy for me to pass this invitation on to people outside the Ovacome membership?


  • Hi Annie,

    Yes, please pass on this information to anyone who might be interested. We will be holding regular meetings every three months.

    Many thanks


  • Hi Annie - could I ask how you got a BRCA test? Did you have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer? My oncologist has said that with no family history I am not eligible for a test but as I have a daughter, I would really like to be sure.


    Best wishes


  • Hi Lynn

    Ask your doctor or oncologist for a referral to a genetic counsellor.

    Macmillan have a useful online tool called OPERA to help check your risk. OPERA asks you questions about your family history and provides personalised information: but If you have no family history at all his may not be that helpful for you.

    Do you have any other reason to think you may have a hereditary mutation, for example if you are of Ashkenazi Jewish descent? It is definitely possible to have a BRCA test without a family history but whether the NHS would recommend it or fund it I don't know.

    Best regards


  • Hi Sharon, Please advise what is your nearest train or tube station to Buckhurst Hill - I can't seem to find it via the normal Journey Planners

  • Hi Adele,

    The nearest London Underground station is Buckhurst Hill which is on the Central Line. The house where we are meeting is about five minutes walk from the station.

    best wishes


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