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Get together for anyone affected by hereditary ovarian or breast cancer on Sunday 2nd December

I would like to invite you to our next Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered (FORCE) meeting to be held on Sunday 2nd December 2012 from 3pm - 5pm in Buckhurst Hill, Essex. This will be an informal get together for anyone affected by hereditary breast or ovarian cancer to provide information and peer-to-peer support and to share experiences. All are welcome, whatever hospital they are under, whether they have been tested or not, and whatever stage of the journey they are at.

RSVP for the address and to let me know who is coming.

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Posted this on twitter for you. I have links with quite a few OC organisations. Hope you have a successful meeting

All the best

Wendy xx


Thank you Wendy xx



Are there any similar meetings in the North of England?

I would love to come but am unable to make that date

I have just had the news that I have a mutant BRCA 1 gene, after being diagnosed with OC earlier this year, I am quite devastated and don't know where to turn really, I am shocked as there is no family history of breast cancer in my large family, only OC which affected my mother and myself. I am just at the stage of seeking more information, the genetic specialist has suggested I strongly consider a double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer, so I have a lot to think about!,

Jan x


Hi Jan

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis and that you have tested positive for the BRCA gene. I am also BRCA 1 positive and didn't find out until after I diagnosed with ovarian cancer. i know it is a lot to take in when you first hear the news. The Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered (FORCE) website has lots of useful information or if you want to talk to someone on a personal level I am happy to talk to you either by email ( or phone. I have had a double mastectomy to reduce my risk of breast cancer. I also have a sister and two daughters who have tested positive.

FORCE originated in the US and I am their first Outreach Coordinator here in the UK. We don't have a branch in the north of England (yet!). Wendy Watson runs the National Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline here in the UK and they have support groups in the north, see their website

There is also a wonderful online Facebook support group called the BRCA Sisterhood which I found very useful when I found out I was BRCA positive.

I don't want to overwhelm you with too much information but I am very happy to answer any questions you might have.

with best wishes



Hi Sharon,

Thanks so much for your reply,

Funnily enough I Had a conversation with Wendy Watson this afternoon and she has put me in touch with the support group in greater Manchester. Thanks for the offer to talk to me, I am going to do some reading around the subject of genetic cancer, including the FORCE website, thanks for that, I may well have some questions so it is great to know that I can get in touch with you. It must be so difficult having daughters who also carry the mutant gene, I am in a more fortunate position having two sons, but I am very concerned for my four sisters who are considering being tested, and my six nieces, I am trying to stay positive, but as I am sure you know it can be difficult,

Thanks again




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