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hi guys,momis settled in at st richards,right by the lake,ducks and birds and a patio sun area,she has had her first bath in 3 weeks,new meds have relaxed her,a better bed and more compassionate nurses,simple isnt used to be called nursing,now its hospice care,,,,she has picked up greatly so much that the diagnosis has gone from 2 days to 3 weeks,dont help i know but every extra day i hold her and love her is a day i never dreamt of,was told she has 7 tumours and its a wonder she made it so far,telling me,gotta have her hair done tomorrow,and she has asked for a wobbly jubbly to suck on,thankyou to all who said hold on in there,these final few days are so special and seeing somone with the dignity and courage of my mom val has humbled me xx

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  • Hi Shaun,

    They are special and it is good you can see that.....every moment counts...I am glad that your mum is being better cared for you said simple...this is how it should be all of the time..But we know this isn't the case.. you must feel so relieved that you have finally got her the care she deserves..sending you all my very best wishes and thanks for the update love x G x

  • Hi Shaun,

    My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.....all I can say is spend as much time

    as you possibly can with your mum...which I'm sure you have been doing. I know

    how hard it is for you and your family at this time and wish I could do something to

    help you with the pain you are feeling.

    My Best Wishes

    Angie XX

  • Hi Shaun

    I am so relieved to hear this. I think it is fair to say we are all thinking of you and your mum

  • I am so pleased she is now being looked after as she should ... Must make you feel better knowing she has the support she needs x

  • Hi Shaun

    So pleased to hear that your Mum is in a better place now. It sounds lovely, and she sounds amazing. Thank you for updating us, as AliG says, we are all thinking of you both.


  • As you say that care used to be called nursing! I am so glad that your Mum's quality of life is so much better! That is what we all want for ourselves! The very best quality of life to the end!

    Enjoy this precious time with her!

    Love M

  • Hi I don't even know you but reading your post other day I was in tears reading about your mam am so glad to see she is comfortable and.seems to be in a lovely peacefully place what an amazing person she is and you are .you have precious time with.your mam now spend every moment of this time with her.will keep u both in my thoughts Barbra

  • Mums are so precious. I'm in tears of relief knowing she is comfy and cared for and most importantly loved x

  • Lovely to hear that your Mum has some peace and good care at last, it's a shame she had to go through what she did before getting to this, unfortunately the is the nature of our health service these days. I'm sure her last days will be made much more tolerable now.

    My thought are with you both.


  • once again the generosity and kindness of you people has amazed me,the words you send do actually help,have come to terms with losing her now,so if she can be peaceful happy and calm its easier,but not easy,they asked her if she wanted to go home at any stage,"no way she said,you`d be mad to leave a place like this"...will try to keep posting,thanks to everyone xx

  • Hi Shaun,

    I am so pleased that she is now being treated with the dignity she so richly deserves I send you all my best wishes and prayers love x G x

  • Hello again Shaun,

    I'm so pleased for your and you beloved Mom that she is in such a lovely place and that it has helped you come to terms with what is to come. My thoughts are with you all. Thank you, also, for sharing with us how the well the Hospice is caring for her and how much happier it has made her. I'm sure It can only help many of us us all feel a bit braver about what may be coming to some of us.

    Hope your wrist is getting better. Take care of yourself, Love Solange

  • Hi Shaun

    So relieved to find out that eventually your mum has got to the hospice. It sounds to be a really caring place in a beautiful setting.

    Love and prayers


  • Hi shaun

    I am a mum of 3 and my eldest is 23 old boy. I have been reading your posts and have cried each time. To have a son like you is every mums pride and i know if you were my son i would feel absolutely so cared for now. Life and death is not in our hands but our nearesst and dearest make this time so special. Cherish every moment with her and dont dwell on what has happened. You need to capture your memories of your mum. You are an i.spiration to all sons out there take care lots of hugs xxxxx

  • Hello Shaun ..

    I was so pleased to hear mum has at last arrived at somewhere where she can have the peace and gentle nursing that she so richly deserves and that you too have somewhere calm to surround mum with your love .Each and every moment of the day counts ..

    Thinking about you and your family x

    Love Jan xxx

  • Hi Shaun

    I am so pleased your Mum is getting the care and comfort she needs now. As I said in a previous message, being with someone through their final days is painful but also a privilege. Your Mum sounds a wonderful woman and she obviously has a wonderful caring son. Stay strong.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi Shaun, what a difference it makes when you know some one you love is getting the care they need and should have,I am so glad you have some extra time with your mum, I am thinking of both of you. Love Jorja xx

  • Hi Shaun . So pleased that Mum is being well cared for as she richly deserves . This time with her will be more precious that we can imagine . Thoughts are with you and sending love


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