'Not so sure about this'

Dear All

We are really sorry about the postings people have been receiving from Warrior for truth. They have now been banned from using the site and we have contacted health unlocked who I understand have removed their postings. If anyone has any issues about this or wants to discuss it further please do feel free to ring Ovacome on 08453710554 Mon- Fri 10-5 or send us an email at support@ovacome.org.uk

Apologies agin


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  • I am lucky I am a little Internet savvy, so I deleted the message the moment I got it, plus I trust my team and know they would tell me if there was anything out there to help! Even so, it can be so distressing getting something like when your options are limited as you want to hold on to any glimmer of hope you can. But least it was discovered quickly and acted on so big thanks for that. :) I am just sorry I did not report it myself before deleting it, I will next time. :)

  • Thank you everyone for your quick action :-)

  • Yes i got one this morning. Xx

  • He's now sending messages as Stephen105

  • Yes I've just had one from Stephen 105

  • I've had 2 from Stephen 105. Scum is all I can say to use such a website to get to people in this way.

  • I keep getting them too, with a return answer quickly when I asked him to stop sending me messages. I am reporting any action from him via the feedback tab at the rich hand side of the page.

  • Hi Wendy

    We are really sorry about all the distress this person is causing I believe Louise has been trying over the weekend to work with health Unlocked to get rid of him


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