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Thanks everyone so much for your replies and I take on board all the comments. Will try counselling I think in first instance. I think loss of my friend who lived near to me and who I could pick up phone and speak to frequently and discuss a problem that we both shared has been a trigger. We all know that it is only fellow sufferers who really can emphasize and know what life is like living with cancer. I read all the postings regularly even If I dont post much and am amazed and uplifted by so many of you who seem to take all the setbacks in your stride. Thanks again and love to everybody. xx

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Hi Heather, I do understand how you feel, as I live alone, but have a close friend who has been with me when I went in for my op and when I have consultations with my oncologist and is prepared to discuss my treatments and worries. The other day she said that she and her husband were thinking of downsizing and moving the the west country. (We live in Kent now)

I am ashamed to say that my immediate thought was for myself, and how much I would miss her. I know it is not the same as death, but I know that it will be like a bereavement if she does move.


Heather, I'm so pleased you're going to give counselling a's a good start & I really hope it helps. It must be so difficult having lost such a close friend especially one who you could confide in about your own situation. You are having to carry a lot on your shoulders and it might just help talking to someone who can help you take stock and manage those emotions so you feel better. Sending you a big virtual ((hug)) xx

Counselling sounds like a good idea. Find one you like though. My partner has been going but tried a couple before she found one she connected with.

I think it could be a really good plan of action for you, it's good to speak to people who are not involved in anyway and can give you a totally impartial ear with no preconceived agenda. You have lost your dear friend and confidant so it's been a double whammy for you. I really hope it helps and you start to get a little peace of mind.

Keep up the good fight, you are a strong lady and try to take some comfort in that we're all here for you whenever you need us. Sending big hugs and lots of love ❤xx Jane

I was reluctant to go to councelling but was pleasantly surprised. I see a lady at the hospital's Macmillan Centre after each of my clinic appointments. Whenever there is something that I am unhappy about she gets in touch with the appropriate person, I get a phone call and all is sorted out. She is really amazing.

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