Stomach cancer stage of with ascites

My wife aged 47 diagonised with stage iv stomach cancer with ascites on 1st August 2016. She has been drained ascetic fluid 5 times, every time 4 liters. We have gone for alternative medicine like herbal, vitamin c, ozone therapy. But nothing has changed cancer. Now it started blocking stomach and she's unable to take eve liquids. She has become very weak. Stent option tried but that also not possible because of cancer growth in stomach. As we have no choice we have started with chemo. My question is will it control the spread of cancer and astices. If any alternative medicine to control astices.

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  • Hello bhuvank

    I too had a lot of ascitis with ovarian cancer I had three drains but once on chemo the ascitis went which was an immense relief and by end of my course of chemo tumor had reduced in size enough for surgery

    Tell your wife to hang on in there although the chemo is not a pleasant experience is worth it to ease the ascitis hope she starts to feel a bit better in herself soon Babs

  • Thanks for the remarks

    She is undergoing chemo today with 5fu and Cisplatin

    But doctors are not confirmed whether ascites will be controlled.I am worried about the fluid collection in abdomen.

    Is there anyways to control ascites if it does not respond to chemotherapy

  • Yes it does go away! With each chemo it felt better. Once chemo began that went away. I have never had to go through that since. Each chemo I felt a little my tummy is not flat as it once was..but no bloating uncomfortable...the chemo made it better. Each of us is so very different. For me, am doing so much better..almost normal....six months out. I finished my first round of chemo. It is a process. Each step gets you to the next. Each one better than the next.

    My best thoughts are with both of you

  • Hi Bhuvank

    I had asitisis when I was diagnosed, I had this drained off during biopsy procedure complete first 3 lines of chemo them surgery. Met with surgeon last week for my review he told me no asitisis found during surgery.

    Before diagnosis my weight went to 7st 6 due to being bloated and being sick, after first chemo fluid never returned and I have now gained weight.

    I hope you're wife's medical team get this sorted quickly, sending her a virtual hug.

    Ellsey xx

  • Thanks and hoping the same

  • When I got ovarian cancer and started my chemo the astices disappeared straight away. Just finished chemo 2 weeks ago and I had a full debulking hysterectomy in July. Pleased to say there is no disease left.

    I wish your wife all the best with her treatment .

  • Thanks for all your support.

    Doctors are not confirmed it. So I have to check with the patient who had this problem. I am hoping for the same. Already 5 times ascites drained already. Now she is getting chemo.I am hoping for the best

  • Hi

    I had acites. The first drainage I had 9 litres drained. Three weeks later I had another 5 litres drained. Then I started chemo Carbo and taxol and the ascites has gone. Such a relief.

    I wish your wife well and hope her symptoms are relieved.

    Best wishes.

  • Bhuvank, apologies but Chemo should have been your first option i/o going herbal. A month and a half has already gone by. Btw, what has ozone therapy got to do in dealing with cancer? I will reckon that once cancer is controlled , the ascites will start reducing and hopefully even stop. So, please concentrate on the chemo part and wish your wife all the best for her treatment.


  • Hi there

    I just want to agree with everyone here. I had most of the fluid drained initially and was told the remainder would be " mopped up " with chemo. It was and has never come back in 5 years. For me the conventional method was the only way to go. I believe in medical science . Before chemo I was asked to stop taking vitamins , herbs etc in case they interfered with the chemo process .

    I wish your wife all the best and I hope she gets relief from the ascites soon. I found that as soon as the ascites started to go I felt such relief and my spirits soared. Take care and good luck to you both.

  • HI B I am sorry your wife is ill with stomach Cancer, this is actually a site for Ovarian Cancer which also causes Ascites. I would imagine that you and your wife believe in the consultants and do what they say, taking alternative therapy along with Chemo is not such a great idea to be honest. If you do this and your wife gets sicker the oncologist wont know what is causing the sickness so it is better to keep it simple. I imagine it is very uncomfortable for her but hopefully as she has more chemo the ascites will disappear. Wishing you the best

  • We have dropped all alternative medicines and continuing with chemo. First phase of treatment started. But as she is very weak and developing breathing issues, chemo temporarily stopped today.

  • Hi Bhuvank, I have stomach cancer which has spread to ovaries and omentum, I am still suffering with ascites after two cycles of chemo so I now have a rocket drain fitted to my abdomen so the ascites can be drained regularly, the district nurses come to my house a couple of times a week to do it to keep it under control, although if the chemo does its job and it dries up I will get the drain taken out. Otherwise it involves trips into hospital sometimes overnight to get it done.

  • My wife left me and two children yesterday 2 Oct 2016. I tried for chemo but it killed her kidneys. No medicine could save her. I lost my lovely wife.

  • I am so sorry for your loss Bhuvank. May she rest in peace.


  • I am very sorry to hear this. Thoughts are with you and your children x

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