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Good evening. I am Ian, Frenchdeb's husband. She asked me to post that she has had something of a reverse. On holiday in the UK she suffered loss of appetite and abdominal bloating, and on return to France was admitted to hospital. Scans have revealed that her cancer has returned - now on her liver. At this stage we know no more than that. We hope that she may be able to get online herself in the near future. She does regard the cameraderie here as extremely therapeutic.

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Hello Ian,

Sorry to read of Deb's situation. Send her love and support, and tell her to try not to panic as things will seem better when the necessary treatment has been decided, and something is being done.

Much love to you both.



Thank you Ian for letting us know...I am sorry that she has had a recurrence... But I am glad she has arrived home safe...she is now in the best place for something to be done...please give her my love and best wishes and tell her I am thinking and praying for you both. I hope that this will only be a little x G x :-) (the smiley is to cheer her up)


So sorry to hear this. Best wishes to you both.



Dear Ian, thanks so much for letting us know. I really felt for Deb when she posted up that she felt unwell over here on holiday. Please give her my love. I'll be thinking of her and hoping you have better news soon.

I'd thought you lived in Lake Overcup in Arkansas because that seems to be her profile location so she must've been confused by my previous reply. I think you're in good hands in France. One of the international centres of excellence for Ovarian Cancer is in Toulouse.

Sending best wishes and a hug. Please let us know how youngest on. Love Annie


Hello Ian!

I'm so sorry to hear of Deb's reversal! Recurrence may be somthing we expect but hope won't be yet! Give her my very best and hope that the symptoms are being eased at present!

Best wishes



So sorry to hear this news, it's what we all dread. We'll be thinking of Deb and sending prayers, positive vibes and love through the ethernet.

Love Liz X


Hello Ian,

I'm so sorry to hear that frenchdeb does have a recurrence of this hateful illnes. I hope you both managed to enjoy your holiday a little bit and will keep fingers crossed that she may be helped to feel better soon.

Sending my very best positive wishes, Solange xx


hi ian

i am sorry to hear this news we all live in fear of hearing news like heart goes out to her

i hope and pray that she gets well soon

best wishess



HI Ian so sorry to hear the news . Please let us know how she is doing and sending best wishes to you both and this difficult time



Hi Ian

Sorry to hear the news about french Deb.

Hope that things have begun to get sorted out now and that you will both be feeling more positive about the future.

Love and prayers to you both



Hi Ian,

Hope things will be sorted out for you now you are back home, keeping positive thoughts for you, take care, love to you both. Jorja xx


Hello Ian,

Thinking of you both at this worrying time,

Hope that things fall into place, hang on in there as there is still

plenty that they can do, dont fear the worse.

Luv trish x x


It is my sad task to tell you that Deb succumbed on 5th September, less than 8 whole days after being admitted - the medics didn't have a chance. The cancer had come back not only on her liver, but also stomach and lungs. Thus she went very quickly. The care offered by Centre Hospitalier, Le Mans was first rate, and I was invited to spend the night with her, a bed being made up, the night before she died. She was 57 and we were together 39 years.

I assume no-one is on this site for the fun of it, and I wish you all well with recovery and a long life to come.

Ian Dudley



Ian I am so sorry...she will be truly missed...thank you for letting us must be so difficult to do thoughts and sympathy are with you and your family at this sad time... Love x G x



Dear Ian,

I am so sorry to hear about Deb. Please accept my sympathy.



Dear Ian ,

There is not a lot I can say that will help right now ..but please know that I am thinking about you and your family .

Jan x


Dear Ian

I am so very sorry to hear about Deb.

Your heart must be truly broken.

Please accept my deepest sympathy.

Angie x



There are no words, just thoughts coming your way and (((((((hugs))))))

Im so sorry Deb lost her fight, and thank you for thinking of us at this time as well.

Take care,

luv trish x x



My heart goes out to u and ur family..

I am so very sorry to hear yr news

Witb deepest sympathy



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