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Bloated belly but clear ultrasound

I have had a constant bloated belly & was sent for an ultrasound, the abdominal US could not see so I had to have the TV ultrasound which said my ovaries where fine, whilst I was waiting to be refered for the ultrasound a lump on right side burst I think, it was very painful could it have just been a cyst or can tumors burst? Still got bloated belly & very tierd but guess the scan would have seen something even it had burst, I am only 34 so should be too young for OC & dont want to bother my Doctor again

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I'm sure you need your mind putting at rest, whatever the problem is. Have a look at ovacome.org.uk

There is a BEAT symptom tracker on there, where you can enter your symptoms, record and print out for your GP. It sounds as if there may be a case for seeing a Gynae specialist and maybe asking for a cA125 blood test. All this is explained in the fact sheets (under 'resources')

Good luck. It's true that most women who are diagnosed with OC are older, but there are women of most ages who are diagnosed. It's better to get it all checked out. There could be any number of causes. The likelihood is it's possibly an ovarian cyst or something harmless. Hope so!

Love Wendy xx


Look up peritoneal cancer

My mom has it

Doesn't show up on scans

Abdominal fluid -bloating

Ascites very painful


Dear Redhen

I'm sure all is well with you but please please never think you shouldn't bother your doctor. If you have experienced some pain please go back to your doctor again and check what it is. It's rare to develop ovarian cancer at the age of 34 but 20% of patients who develop it are under 60 so don't just accept tiredness and bloating. I hope you can get some reassurance as to what is causing this and that it proves to be nothing you should be over-worried about.

xx Annie


Agree with all of above, hope you see your GP again, if things dont settle this week, tell them you are worried about - always better to share your fears - good luck


Thank you all for your kind advice I will have to go & see my doctor again.


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