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Just back from seeing the oncologist, treatment not working, so back on the cycle again, (and only 2 worked then), and perhaps a referral to royal mats den to see if they have anything available that may help. I knew deep down this was it, and I also knew that the pains were possibly because it had spread to the bowel. CT scan tomorrow to see what is happening. I suppose I've been lucky so far, and it had to happen sooner or later, just a shame it was today as it is tomorrow my family arrive from LA, that I haven't seen for 2years with the baby. Not the news I wanted to give them!!!!!

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  • Hi Greybadger ( Viv )

    I am so sorry to hear your sad news....I do hope they will come up with something for you ..

    Make the most of your family..I know it will be are in my thoughts love x G x

  • Hi Greybadger,

    So sorry to hear your news I am getting my scan results today and I'm so nervous. I should have been on holiday this week with my daughter and grandkids instead i'm seeing the doctor today and have chemo on Wednesday. Hope you enjoy your time with your family and lets hope things improve for you. My thoughts and best wishes go out to you Love Babs x x x

  • You have been inspirational thus far, and I for one would not be surprised to learn that the Royal Marsden pull something out of the bag for you. Sorry you don't have better news for the family, but enjoy them, and let them help you too.

    Very best wishes,


  • So sorry to hear your news but hopefully tomorrow will bring you better news and

    you have your family tomorrow, so let them help you through this.

    My best wishes

    Angie x

  • I think its a perfect time for your family to come over, you need a boost to your spirits and something to occupy you at this difficult time. My thoughts are with you and I pray the scan shows it hasn't spread to your bowel xx

    Jules xc

  • Hi greybadger!

    Sorry to hear you are going through worries again. It will be lovely to see your family, it will be the best kind of diversionary tactics for you. Like Isadora says, the R M may yet find another route to treat the problem. There are so many ways to keep things in abeyance. I know how worried you and your family must feel, but keep hanging on to the thought that the treatments are many and varied. I will be thinking and praying that they can find one that keeps you going. In the meantime, enjoy your will be so special. Come back on here for a rant or a hug whenever you need it. I know you are a strong lady but we all need a word of help sometimes. Hugs and wishes to you

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hang on in there Greybadger !!!

    Sorry to hear this but they might have a plan for you (fingers crossed and everything else as well ) !!!

    Good luck with your ct scan tomorrow.

    You have a great time with your family when they get over, and enjoy yourselves.

    Luv Kefi x x

  • Hello Viv

    Presumably your oncologist has reached this conclusion based only on your blood test as your CT scan is tomorrow. Don't despair just yet until you know exactly what you are dealing with. If you need to go to the RM it really is a wonderful hospital and a great place to go on a drugs trial. Do you live a long way from there? We travel for 3 hours to get there every 3 weeks but it is well worth it.

    Seeing your family will be fantastic and even if you don't feel like it now you will rise to the occasion. The tomorrows will take care of themselves.

    Love Sarah

  • Sending you lots of love and postitive thoughts xx

    Try not to think the worse, there are so many drugs available and I am sure they will find the right one for you as they have before. Have a lovely time with your family and stay positive, even tho its hard.

  • Hi Greybadger . So sorry to hear your news , I am hoping and praying that they have a treatment plan that will work for you .

    Sending on all my love


  • Hi there Viv ...

    I can only echo what the other lovely ladies have said re your news .... Your family coming over will give you the boost you need the most and surround you with love and support .

    Sending you positive thoughts and a hug too ...

    Love Jan xx'

  • Hi there Viv ...

    I can only echo what the other lovely ladies have said re your news .... Your family coming over will give you the boost you need the most and surround you with love and support .

    Sending you positive thoughts and a hug too ...

    Love Jan xx'

  • Hi Viv

    I can't say how sorry I am about your news. I know you thought the chemo wasn't working last week, but I am sure the Royal Marsden will have something that will. We both know how pessimistic the oncologist can be, so prove him wrong!

    Keep hanging on

    Love Chris

  • It seems the usual advice, but try to stay strong. It's hard I know. Last time I was waiting for a scan, I had in my mind I'd get some not so good news, but that wasn't the case. I've heard the Royal Marsden are at the forefront. I'd like to be referred there too but it's too far for me. I wish you much love. xx

  • I'm so sorry. But as you say there's hope at the RM (also at Leeds or The Christie if you are nearer them). Apparently there's talk of extending a parp trial to non BRCA women. Also, some women find that when treatment is over and they have a proper palliative team, they actually feel better for longer than they did between chemos. I hope this works for you. Finally there's further surgery to deal with bowel issues and radiation which is occasionally used.

    When I read your posts, I always think, hey, that women really manages treatment well, and lives well. Whatever happens, and whatever you decide, I hope that continues.

  • Dear Viv

    I'm really sorry to hear that things haven't improved through the summer. I've missed your posts recently. I know you've been looking forward to the visit from your family from the US and have mentioned it before as a goal to keep you going. I think you will still have a good time with them and I really hope they cheer you up.

    If you feel like posting again it would be good to know how you get on. I shall be thinking of you with the visit to the RM and hope they can come up with something to help. You've always been such a great tower of strength on this site. Hopefully we can return that favour as you're feeling not so good at the moment.

    with lots of love xxx Annie

  • Sorry to hear your news. I hope and pray that the RM will come up with something to banish this bl***y parasite!! Enjoy your family, the new baby will give you so much joy and it will be lovely to see your family.

    Love, hugs and good vibes coming your way.

    Chris x x

  • Hi Greybadger so sorry to hear your bad news hope you can enjoy your family arriving. Keep your chin up.

    Lucy x

  • Hi Greybadger

    I am sending you positive vibes! You have been so strong thus far, and inspirational. Don't give up hope, keep battling!

    Your sister in OC

    Susie XX

  • My dear Viv

    I am sorry to hear your news.I really hope you get to go the Marsden as you know

    I am there and they so good. I am sure they will have something for you.

    I know it seems like a long distance to go but it really would be worth it. I have met a lady who

    travels all the way from Exeter.Try to keep strong, you are an inspiration to me.

    Enjoy all the love and cuddles from your family.

    A big hug from me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxGeorgie

  • Hi Greybadger,

    This disease really is a B.........! Mine also appears to be raising it's ugly head again so I know how you're feeling. It is so difficult when you hear the dreaded words that it's back but I know you are strong from all your posts on here so scream, cry, shout, dig the garden, let all those emotions out and then try as much as you can to pick yourself up again and enjoy time with your family and visitors.

    My prayers and thoughts are with you.

    Love Liz X

  • Hi Greybadger,

    I am fairly new to this site but wanted to wish you all the best wishes for your scan tomorrow and hope it is not as bad you think it might be, keep strong and enjoy your time with your family x Jorja

  • Dear Viv

    I am really sorry to hear things are not going well. Good luck with the scan tomorrow. All I can say is make the most of your family being close to you & enjoy quality time with them.

    Take care & lots of love & hugs, Samixa X :-)

  • Dear Greybadger,

    B.B.F.C. I do so hope it can yet be defeated. I have said a prayer and will go on. You are one of our great bloggers, always honest and true, making the best of things. We love you on here. Let us know your news. You are in our thoughts. Liz

  • Hi Greybadger

    So sorry for what you are going through. Like the others I hope the Marsden has something else for you. Your family are coming at just the right time and I wish you much joy in your new grandchild.


  • Hi Viv

    Sorry for this set back, but as so many people have said, maybe it is a good thing that your grand daughter is coming over as you need something to make you smile right now.

    Also, when I read nicola's post about the marsden, the first person I thought of was you. It is an inspiring tale and gives us all hope.

    Hope you are not on here reading this and are instead getting lots of cuddles from your family. Vx

  • Been away, know how you feel, I had exactly the same news as you,like you I also thought the treatment wasn't working. I have two months off to lead 'a normal life' then try again with a different chemo,(I am platinum resistant) had a break with hubby and just got back from Dorset after a lovely week with granchildren. Hope you can enjoy your family.keep in touch and good luck. Love Sue x

  • Hi Grey so sorry to hear your news, I wanted to ask you what sort of pain were you in when you felt it had gone to the bowel. Stay strong and remember my swimming around poem.

    Lucy x

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