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Waiting seems endless!

Diagnosed with Stage 1c OC in September 2010. Following a full hysterectomy and 6 sessions of chemo I went into remission in February. Everything going hunky dory for a few months but now I'm in a spin! CA125 beginning to rise albeit marginally but am also having quite nasty abdominal and pelvic pain. Have been told it could be any one of several things and just have to wait for results of scan which I'm having next week - pain and waiting seem endless. I try to be optimistic but would be interested to hear how anyone else coped in similar circumstances.

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Hi Mary,

I remember before I was first diagnosed. I had bloated by the time I went to my GP and had a 2 week wait for the UltraSound. It was hell as I just got worse until I was a complete basket case, and my husband used to have to help me in and out of bed and even wash my legs for me in the shower as I could not bend :-( My GP said, "I know it seems cruel but we just have to wait....". Then I had a weeks wait for the result of the CT scan after the Ultrasound, but I was sure I knew what it was by then. So the bottom line is, I know the waiting is horrendous. I am not suggesting you will have the same problems I had but I just had to just distract myself with work (which I could do sitting) and watching films. I didn't have the pain though...can your GP not give you pain killers while you wait?

If your CA125 is only rising marginally and you don't know for sure it is the oc, then there is a chance it is nothing to do with that. Even if it is, then I understand more chemo is possible to control it again, especially since you were 1c. I am 3c!

I feel for you Mary. I've played the waiting game...Let us know how it goes when you get your results.

Love Lizzie



Could be just the healing from the op......, waiting is the hardest game, and not really anything you can do to speed things up. Take a pain killers to reduce the discomfort and try to take your mind off the possibilties... my husband takes me away in out m/home to take my mind of things. The scan resuklts should be through within the week, so hopefully you won't have too much longer to wait.

Good luck



Hi Mary I am also 1c OC and I also have womb cancer all diagnosed at the same time. I have been in remission for 3 and a half years. My oncologist wont do the C125 as she says it is not always a good indicator after treatment. It is hard to wait but try and stay strong and keep busy. Plan for what you are going to do in the next few months. Set some things you want to achieve. I keep setting my goals every couple of months. Hope this helps, let us know how you get on.

Linda x


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