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Waiting for Histology

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I'm new hear and am 4 weeks post op after having a staging laparotomy with full pelvic clearance.

I had a transvaginal ultrasound along with a normal ultrasound end of June (thought my gp was being over cautious as I thought I had gallstones) This picked up a suspicious looking cyst, so I was sent for a CA125 and referred on the 2WW. After scans and more blood tests I was told I had suspicious bilateral masses on ovaries which needed removing and they could not give a definitive diagnosis until they were tested.

I am recovering well from my surgery and have my apt with the consultant next Friday the 22nd to get the results and see if I need any further treatment.

I'm worried but feeling strong to face whatever comes my way.

Just wanted to say hello and share where I am.

Thanks for reading


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Welcome Lou! Best of luck with your appointment, let us know how it goes xx

Hello Lou

Wishing you well with your appointment. Hoping for the best outcome for you.


Wishing you all the best x

And hurrah for your GP. Everything crossed for you Jennifer

Good luck Lou for your appointment we are here if you need us x

Hope you're recovering well from the op and all the best for your appointment next week.

Liz x

Stay strong, I really hope that you get on well at your appointment.Best wishes.

Good luck x

Hi Lou. Sounds like you have a good GP being that thorough. Good luck with results.xx

Welcome to the forum, LouKV. I am sorry you find yourself here, but am glad that you’ve come through the surgery. You will find the ladies on this site are compassionate and generous in sharing their experiences and in providing helpful tips. Best wishes from Louisiana,


Hi Lou. Best of luck with your appointment and results. This is a great group for information and support.

Best of thoughts to you for a good report and no further tx. Stay strong and best wishes.

Hi LouWelcome to our little club xx as the others say we are here for any questions or support you might need xx and here’s hoping its nothing serious for you

All the best


Fingers crossed for you Lou!🤞

Hope you’re taking it easy Lou - I’m not as far into this journey as you but appreciate how strong you sound - thanks for that! x

Welcome to this site! I wish you good luck with your appointment, please let us know how it goes. 🌷🙏

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