So long and thanks for all the fish

Sorry about the title of my blog bit of a Douglas Adams fan.......

Back from seeing the consultant the good news is my liver is ok just a couple of benign tumours called hemangiomas so no treatment needed there.

The bad news is that I have a new tumour in my pelvis, which will be discussed at next weeks MDT with the expectation that it will be removed surgically. I was told this is the best treatment for a one off tumour. I'm also boing to be having a mammogram as well because my MRI showed some breast nodules.

I don't know anymore information at present so still a bit more waiting

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  • Sorry to hear your news Scardycat.

    There always seem to be some wet fish flying around!! I catch them annually!!!

    Sounds good that they are able to remove your pelvic tumour . Nodules seem to be more managable.

    You will be able to cope once you have got over the shock and disappointment. Somehere we sisters on this journey find strength to fight time and time again.

    Take care

    Luv'n'hugs Suex

  • Hi ScardyCat,

    Sorry you are having so many problems..thanks for keeping us updated..I hope things will be sorted soon love x G x :-)

  • Hi ScardyCat,

    Sorry you are having so many problems..thanks for keeping us updated..I hope things will be sorted soon love x G x :-)

  • Hello,

    I'm so pleased that your liver is fine! As for the other; see what they come up with, but I always tend to the 'better out than in' feeling. With your fitness and reason to get well, I'm sure you will. This disease demans a babelfish to understand the developments!

    Very best wishes,


  • Dear Lorraine

    Hope you're OK and adjusting to the latest developments. Do you get that sinking feeling at first and then in the days that follow find that you adjust to the new situation. It sounds as though they're on the ball with a multi-disciplinary meeting next week and then you'll know the course of action. That always seems to me to be when I can lift myself up and focus a bit better.

    Meanwhile are you still able to keep up with your running? I've been thinking of you recently as you're such an example to us with your running and keeping fit. I went our yesterday - not running, but on my bike - and cycled about 10 miles. It seemed too hot to run. It's a lovely day today and I feel inspired to put on my running shoes again and give it a try before the temperature rises too much.

    Keep well. Sending love and positive thoughts to you and look forward to hear how everything goes next week. xxx Annie

  • Thanks Annie,

    It has been a bit too hot to run this week and I feel so tired.

    Thanks everyone for all your support

  • Hi, it seems that whenever you get a bit of good news with this disease then there is always something bad waiting to slap you in the face.

    I Hope the surgery will be successful and that you will soon be back to feeling well again.

    Good luck and best wishes George x

  • I'm going to ask if i can postpone any surgery until after the GNR

  • Hi... Just wanted to say im sorry to hear your news.. But also wanted to say that im sure all will be fine. You will get through this.. We are all little toughies deep down..

    Take it easy and treat yourself

    lots of love suzanne. xxx

  • Hello there

    Very impressive that you're running. Hope you get more good news soon.

    Love Christine

  • Hi Scardycat! Been out of touch for a few days but wanted to say ... chin up! It is good that your MDT has treatment planned and once you get used to the different perspective, you'll get on with it like the strong woman you are! Hugs from me. Try to enjoy this lovely weather

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi Scardycat

    I know surgery isn't a great thing to look forward to but I do hope they can yank out the alien invaders and restore you to health.

    Wishing you all the best.


  • I'm currently on my way to Weston to see bloke. I think its just the time it takes to recover from surgery interfers with my running

  • Great news about the liver - sorry about the pelvic lump. :-( It's hopeful that they can take it out, though, so keep positive.:-) Let's hope breast nodules are harmless.

    With fingers crossed for you, Solange x

  • Hi

    Hoping and praying they sort the pelvic lump out soon- enjoy Weston!


    Anne xx

  • Sorry to hear that you still have to have another op. Wishing you all the best for your surgery & for your big run. I hope they let you have surgery after the run.

    Good luck with all your training & keep visualising the run.

    Lots of love X :-)

  • The person I was supposed to be staying with in South Shields has just let me down so at the moment I don't have any accomodation

  • Hi scardycat- good news regarding liver but sorry about the rest . The main thing though is can surgically remove and you will be on the mend again . Hope have a good weekend

    take care


  • All the best .


  • hi scardycat

    i am so sorry to hear ur news. i hope and pray that they will sort it out for u.

    thinkin of u


  • Sorry you're having to face surgery again, hopefully it'll be quick, so you can get back on with living again. Sometimes (with this disease), it's like we take one step forward and 2 steps backwards, but keep looking ahead - because one day life will be normal again.

    When I was going through treatment for stage 4 ovarian cancer and embolisms in my lungs, a blood clot was discovered in my left leg. How could this be, I wondered? I was taking Coumadin and getting INR blood tests every 2 days - so how could I get another blood clot? This all happened over 13 years ago, but those feelings of despair and "what else could go wrong?" are still vivid in my mind, so when I read about all that you are facing, it brings those feelings back.

    I remembered how determined I was to keep my hopes alive for my husband and kids (and for myself because I wasn't ready to 'leave' yet). So, even though all the stuff you're facing is a big hurdle, remember that each test and procedure is something to put behind you after it's done. The point is, to keep looking ahead and do the things that give you pleasure.

    Before long, you'll be running again (maybe only fast-walking after surgery) and that in itself will give you a huge lift. I fast-walk at least 4 miles every day - there's nothing like it to beat the doldrums and blow all the cobwebs out. I hope the mammogram goes well for you - I'll be thinking about you.


  • Hi Sandy,

    Your post is such an inspiration and so encouraging....thank you so are so active and I get so tired.. but you make me feel like getting up and going...I've just read your profile..what an encouragement you are..God Bless you love x G x :-)

  • Gwyn,

    I know I've been blessed and am very lucky to have done as well as I did. When I was first diagnosed I searched all over the net to find a group where I could talk about my experiences and to believe that 'maybe' I wasn't facing a death sentence. I thought, if I could meet just one person who had stayed alive for a couple of years, then maybe I could too!

    I joined a tiny group called 'Experiences' (or something like that) where I met 3 other ladies who had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. We had all gone through or were going through chemo and we became quite close. We even phoned each other sometimes and were planning to meet up somewhere in the states. One of them told me about the ACOR Ovarian Problems discussion List -so I joined that where met about 1,500 women all diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and sharing their experiences. That was almost 14 years ago and i'm still a member of that group, although it is nowhere as active now as it used to be. I found that the sharing of stories and the words of encouragement, gave me the hope I needed to believe there was a possibility I could beat the cancer.

    When I read the messages from the women of this group reaching out for help, it reminds me of how I felt in my early-cancer days. No-one knows those feelings of helplessness and hopelessness unless she's 'Been there' which is why I share my experiences and offer encouragement, as MANY others did with me, when I was reaching out for help and answers. It helped me be less fearful and more 'in control' of my circumstances.

    Gwyn, you are also very inspiring - and provide comfort and smiles with your lovely pieces of poetry that bring sunshine to lives that can be pretty grim.

    Take care ....


  • Hi Sandy,

    Thankyou for the encouragement on my poems.. One of my poems is written for people like you (please try and read it) as it is a thankyou for all the people that have been cancer free and yet stay on to help us..we so appreciate people like will find it in the poplar box... but I have tagged all my poems under "poems" or the "musings of Gwyn" ..I am now in remission after a recurrence exactly a year ago now I was told that I wouldn't go in remission, I had palliative chemo to attempt to shrink the tumour (giving me more time) and my prognosis was about a year...but here I am in remission something they thought would not happen the tumour I had has gone..

    So I am hoping for a very long remission... but people like you help us through it..

    8-) (smiley has sunglasses as it is sunny here in Chester at the moment) 8-) 8-)

    Best wishes x G x

  • Scardycat

    What rotten luck , you had been doing so well.

    A second operation is not what you want , but is no where nearly as major as a hysterectomy I seem to remember that after my second procedure I recovered heaps faster that from the first. I was able to do stuff 2 weeks after the second that took 'till 6 weeks after the second , and you are younger and fitter , so will do far better.

    Take care of yourself



  • Hi there Lorraine ,

    Very sorry to hear your news that you need another op ..but its good news re your Liver ..

    Do hope they can let you do your run if safe to do so first ..I know how much that means to you .... it will keep you focused if you can keeping running xxxx Take care now xx

    Love Jan xx

  • Hi Lorraine

    you must be feeling on a seesaw with all that news.....good about your liver but worrying about the other tumour and nodules. You are a strong lady though and although you love your running, give yourself some time at the moment. Your MDT team sound as though they are getting on the case and sorting out the best treatment for you. Try and positive lovely....ring me if you want - and when you're heading down to Weston, call into Bristol!

    Have a hug!

    Eleni x

  • I feel like I'm a bit on a sea saw. I've been busy last couple of days but today felt a bit sad

  • Hi ScardyCat,

    I am sorry you are a bit sad..sending you love and best wishes x G x :-)

  • Hi Scardy

    I've been away for a few days so just caught up with your news. Its very disappointing for you to have to face this surgery, but the positives are that your liver is ok and that the tumor is a one off in the pelvis (suggesting no spread). Its a very different situation to be in from feeling one is in limbo land waiting for something to happen. Now it has and you must be terrified again. In a way I've always found it easier to cope when I'm receiving treatment as I feel that I am getting the best I can possibly get and you can't ask for more than that.

    I was very lifted to read SandyL's comments and I think its really important that we all feel that we have the potential to overcome this disease.

    Take care Vx

  • Hi Vicky,

    Sandy's comments are very encouraging.. It is great that she comes on here after all this time...your comments are encouraging too so thank you love x G x 8-)

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