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Hi all, I was diagnosed stage 3C in Sept 09. Initially I took the treatment, told my family I'd be fine and we all had to stay positive. I recurred 4 months after finishing treatment, have now had 2 differetn chemos and I'm now on weekly taxol/carbo. Decided to involve my family a bit more some months ago and my 17 year old daughter has been absolutely fabulous. She set about raising funds and doing a skydive for Ovarian Cancer Action, and so far she has raised over £4000!!! She is terrific, it has excelled her, informed her, and informed many of her friends and family of this horrible disease. I am so motivated by her, I've just got to get better!! She has had none school uniform days at schools wherby the pupils have brought in a £1, she had a disco at off school premises for 6th formers, she had a Indian buffet last night at our local indian restaurant raising £870. I was becoming absorbed in my treatment, but this focus has made me more absorbed in her efforts!! Definitely worth a try and will help an excellent cause!!!

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  • Hi!

    What an inspiring story! There is always a silver lining, and what therapists call a 'positive re-frame'. Sounds as if you and your daughter have found yours.

    Very best wishes,


  • That sounds so inspiring! Your daughter sounds like quite a gal! It's often so hard for our families to accept the fact that we have OC and I was lucky too, in the support I had from my husband, Mum and Dad, brother and sister. However, it's wonderful the way that your daughter is fundraising and supporting you. I got a leaflet through the door last week from my local Indian Restaurant and thought I might do a curry night in March next year and inform the local press to highlight the cause. Thanks for the uplifting story. All the very best to you

    Wendy xx

  • children give us a reason to fight back and i expect you are soo proud of your daughter. my daughter took a year out to be with me during my illness and we have created such a strong bond and i feel my children appreciate all the simple but beautiful things in life. thanks for your wonderfully inspiring story. i am clear at the moment but am scared of a reoccurence , but your story has made me feel alot better.

  • Thank you everyone! Wendydee do the curry will be worth it, our local press did come along and it will gain even more PR. Ovarian has had little discussion over the years and it is only due to the fact that everyone talks about breast cancer that we are so much closer to a cure! Our local indian was full on a monday night, somthing that never happens! They made lots of money on drinks and my daughter obtained some fabulous raffle prizes that she made loads of money on too. All money going towards finding more treatments and cures for us ladies!! Good Luck to ALL!

  • Well done! I'll definitely check out the curry idea. Thanks, and keep us posted with how you're getting on

    Wendy xx

  • You must be so proud of your daughter, "WELL DONE HER".

    Wishing you all the best, Keep focused.

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