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Is there anything I can do to raise my white cell count?

I have had 6 of 8 cycles of chemo and I cope well. My 6th cycle had to be delayed because my white cell cound was low and then my platelets were low after the delay but they went ahead a week later. My 7th cycle has now been delayed 2 weeks. As well as pushing my "big finish" date back, and messing my employers around with time off, I am concerned for the health implications. My oncolgist says there is nothing I can do but I wondered if anyone had tried any complimentary therapies or have any ideas?

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My mum had ovarian cancer - and we used a supplement Oxygen - Elements - she was given 3 months to live, but survived for over 4 years past her terminal date. My dad was convinced that this was a contributory factor. And her white cell counts did improve.

hope this helps



I would like to have more information on Oxygen Elements. I am a ROCC and I know my support group would be interested.

Dorothy Petty.


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