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can I speak to a nurse?

I've had a scan where they found "something that may be filled with something - may be blood" on my left ovary - the place where I have been experiencing constant pain for 5 months. "We'll re-scan it in 8- 10 weeks". In the mean time I am in constant pain and am still being questioned by friends and family as to why I have lost over 2 stones in weight.

I've had an episode of mid - cycle bleeding and now episodes of urgency of micturition.

Should I press for the Gynae referral or wait for the re-scan appointment. Am I being paranoid. All bloods are with normal limits but nothing explains why I now look like a skeleton and and barely have the energy to get out of bed!

Anybody have any answers out there because I'm running out of them and losing the energy to fight the system. I know I am not feeling well but trying to persuade the GP's that - HA!

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Definitely push to see a specialist. Something is wrong and you are in pain - whatever it is. When you say all blood tests were normal, did your doctor do a CA125 blood test or just general bloods?

Hope you get some answers soon

Best wishes



Do ring the Ovacome nurse-led helpline... It's freephone number now and open Mon-Fri, 0800 0087 054 , Sx

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That sounds far too long to wait. Is there a different doctor at your surgery who you could ask to see? So did the GP order the scan ? It certainly sounds as though you need a referral to a gynaecologist. Please ask for one. No you are certainly not paranoid, you need some answers. Can you take someone to your appointment with you ?


i would push to see a gynae.i had one scan that showed abnormalities on my ovaries but GP kept telling me everything was you i lost weight and struggle to wake up and get up and function but these werent taken seriously by GP and bloods and scans said to be years on still no diagnosis for pain and thing ruled out but no further consideration for anything else.having to find for myself what is going on with me.hope you get the referral you need.good luck.

ive had things dismissed ie when i told a gp food was getting stuck in my throat,he didnt consider a cause but just said chew your food and cut it up small.


Hi Betty

Can I say listen to your own body. If you feel it is something more you should push for another scan. I had an intermittent pain in my side for six months and was told I should drink more water as the pain was probably constipation!

If I had pushed for more thorough investigations my ovarian cancer would have been discovered earlier. My CA125 bloods were never more than 80 and I had a 15cm tumour on my ovary. Luckily It was removed and I was given carboplatin to ensure I was all clear.

You will not be able to relax until you have more checks. Ask for a second opinion.

Good luck



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