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More waiting and further tests

I got a call from my CNS this morning following yesterdays meeting. They are unable to tell from the CT scan if I have a cyst or I am showing signs of progressive disease or not. Therefore I'm going to have an ultrasound of my liver to see if the lesion there might be a cyst or an haemangioma (collection of blood vessels) and they want me to have an MRI of my pelvis to check out the lesion there but the feeling at the moment is that its post operative changes. If they do find something its likely I might be facing more surgery.

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I know you must be going quietly mad with worry, but they do seem to be looking after you well. It sounds like they are exploring all the possibilities and options. I do hope it all works our better than you fear. just keep on keeping on, heh? Sending you a big cyberhug :-)

Love Wendy xx


Hi ScardyCat.

I am sorry to hear must be really awful for you not knowing.... I hope you will get answers soon..I am thinking of you.. please keep us informed wishes love x G x :-)


Hi scardyCat.. Im so sorry for you and i know how you must be feeling i really hope your ok..

lots of love suzanne.. xxx


Its just frustrating and as soon as I get off the phone I have more questions to ask so I've just called the CNS back and left a message but I'm unlikely to hear from her today now. My CA125 has been falling which I'm hoping is a good sign


I must admit its hard not to worry that the cancer has spread to the liver. I'm trying my best not to dwell on it honest!!!!!


If the CA125 is falling that's surely a very good sign. I'm really sorry you've got these ongoing worries and additional tests to go through but at least it sounds as though the treatment you're receiving is very thorough. Hope you can manage to take your mind off things a bit this weekend.

Let us know how you're getting on. Big hugs. xx Annie


They can't just rely on the CA125 though


Thinking about you xxx

Janet xx


Hi Scardy cat

How terrible for you with all of this waiting. As the other ladies have said you are being thoroughly investigated , so that is at least something.

I do hope that you are able to get out and about this weekend. Try to keep as busy as you can.

Thinking about you


Charlie xxx


I'm sorry to hear that this is dragging out so. But it is good that they are doing all these tests to see exactly what it is they are dealing with, and that they hope it is post operative changes.

When I had my 2nd op, which was 5 years after my TAH, my surgeon said that there was a lot of scar tissue and adhesions, obviously this gets worse each time they operate. (That explains why my tummy is so big and of course is nothing to do with eating crisps lol ;) )

You continue to be in my thoughts, take care. Vx


If I feel up to it might do some gentle plodding. I should have gone out with a friend last Sunday but felt too sick and tired and spent most of the afternoon sleeping


Hi Scardycat

I can imagine how worried you must be feeling, but they seem to be doing all the right things to investigate further which is reassuring. Try not to start thinking the worst until you have some more positive feedback - I know that's easier said than done.

I had pain recently right back in the same place as my cancer started and it turned out to be just scar tissue..

Get out into the fresh air and try to switch off for a bit; be kind to yourself.........but if all your body wants to do is sleep, that's ok too!

Sending a big hug!

Eleni x


Hi Eleni got a friends coming to stay with me on Weds for a week so that will take my mind off it. Feeling a bit sick today


Keep trying to get through to the imaging department to seen when my appointment is but the line is constantly engaged


Permission to winge: I finally got through to the imaging department to be told they haven't received a request for me from my consultant. I can't got hold of the CNS or my consultants secretary so I've been onto PALS who have promised to try and get someone to call me back this afternoon.

I am crying tears of frustration I just want a date and all this is holding me up doing anything about my gallstones.


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