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Great News Today !!!!

Mum was told today that her cyst was benign and all lab results are clear. We are delighted and incredibly relieved. Have booked a long holiday in Spain to help her recuperate further after her operation. So thankyou all for your kindness and support over the past few months. I wish each and everyone of you well as you continue on your journey.

Take Care

Geralyn :-)

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What good news thanks for telling us ...enjoy your holiday x G x :-) best wishes


Hi Geralynn, what wonderful news. I know that feeling of profound relief that comes with such news, thank God! You have supported your Mum so well and deserve a lot of credit. I'm sure you'll both have a wonderful holiday.

Enjoy! :-)

Love Wendy xx


Dear Geralyn

We love good news! Congratulations to you and the family. Enjoy your holiday in Spain. I wish your mum many happy healthy years. xx Annie


Dear Geralyn,

Great news! Have a lovely holiday together.

Beat wishes for the future



Wonderful news Geralyn! Enjoy the holiday!



Thanks for letting us know your fantastic news. Have a great summer!



How marvellous to hear of your good news, Geralyn. So pleased for you both. Have a super time in Spain, Best wishes, Solange xx


Atlast im hearing something positive.Im waiting for my scans my stomach is huge. Tomorrow i go for a abdominal scan.Well i told my new doctor this morning that i have been having symptons of OC for 3 years.She said " Well if you had Ovarian Cancer you would be dead by now!"Well thats great ain't it lol so you have to wait til you get it fully before we will help you treat it!LOL.We will see tomorrow whether i have a cyst and whether i have anything in my Uterus!"THESE DOCTORS REALLY KNOW THEIR STUFF"Maybe thats why so many women do die in the end having said that the positive side there alot of very informative knowledgeable doctors as well not forget them thank you. HOWEVER WE SEEM TO FORGET PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE SOME OF US ARE JUST UNLUCKY AND CERTAIN WOMEN NEED HELP TO KEEP ON THE RIGHT TRACK. BUT I BELIEVE STRESS CAN CAUSE ILLNESSES SO WE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO HAVE A MORE HOLISTIC APPROACH FROM THE DOCTORS TO OUR HEALTH.You get Reflexology when you have cancer but the NHS system has little funding.Its ironic you have to wait for those nice things when youre practically dieing.Well ladies im seriously thinking of getting my friend involved from Southampton University who is studying Medical Statistics to do his disitation on this, to give doctors help with diagnosis lol. Seriously thats why they miss things - the docs because they don't seem realise or forget being ill isnt straight forward!Iits like a JIGSAW that needs putting together like mathematics sooner all later it all blessed ADDS UP!!!!So when you tell your doctor one time one sympton and another time somethingelse they can BLOODY PUT IT ALL TOGETHER!!!Thank God for STATISTICS otherwise some of us would already be DEAD.This is the 21st Century is it not!

We should have a programme on the doctors computor that when different symptons keep accumulating that it gets flagged up at some point ie;ALERT SUSPECTED OC OR POLYSTISTIC OVARIES AND ALSO I RECKON THIS CAN LEAD TO OC!Anyway Ladies what do you think?

Please let me know Good luck to me and other woman thanks for this BLOG!x


Thats great it gives me some hope thank you for letting us know hope she and her have a nice holiday.I have left a big for everyone based on my thoughts and experiences and your positive input!x

Best wishes



Delighted to hear your good news. All the best for a wonderful holiday!



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