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Woke up this morning after a lovely dream. I dreamt I was in bed and there were 5 white angles standing round me praying. If you are one of those ladies that sent me an Angle I just want to say thank you. Its my 1st ever Chemo today and although I want to get things started its still a scarey thing as you all know. So I will think of those angles watching me and helping me throught this . Thank you all x x x x

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I will send lots of positive thoughts towards ? Maidstone. Let's hope , like many ladies, that the chemo is not half as bad as it they thought it might be.

Charlie xx


All the best for your treatment today

Love George x


Best of luck for today. It is scary thinking about it but I know the staff at the hospital will take lots of time to explain everything and it isn't half as bad as you think - just a bit boring - oh and a hassle to go to the loo attached to a trolley. Just think how much better you're going to be at the end of it.

Lots of angels flying your way from Cardiff. love Annie xx


Dear Doreen

I know this sounds odd.. I couldn't sleep last night, so I prayed for the ladies on here......if you believe in Angels then you believe in God..... My thoughts and prayers are with you today.( when you have time you might want to read my poem that I posted yesterday!!) hope all goes well today love x G x :-)


I hope today went ok today and that you find the treatment and effects are manageable.

Keep us posted.



Dear Doreen, I always feel nervous on the day even though I have had lots of chemo, as soon as I see all the others there and the lovely nurse comes over my fears go, it is such a supportive environment, the nurses are like angels, love Diane xxx


All the very best for the treatment, Doreen. There are indeed a lot of angels helping us through our lives! Hope things went well

Love Wendy xx


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