Please post any Poems on here, or your own blog..(or the original Poem blog if you prefer not to have comments)..easy access on "Tag Poems"

Hi Everyone

Julie and I have had a little think..And thought it a good idea...if anyone has a poem that you want to share. You could post them on a new blog (your own) we think the poem blog is getting too far back..also a lot to sift through...

This way others could leave a comment if they so wish... It isn't really about whether people think they are good or not.... but about encouragement...

Of course you can still post them on the poetry blog if you so wish ... Margaret is checking on there from time to time to cut and paste any that might be added... I wonder how many have read Lizzie's poem? her husband Jan added it on there..and it is very good.. She wrote it back in April when she was in hospital. ( posted under "BuzyLizzie")

Meanwhile any feedback on "Lizzie's" ( this way Jan will see the feedback) or anyone else's previous poems... could be added here...bearing in mind that this too.will get further back..(a reminder that the poems are tagged " poems")

Cheers x Gwyneth x :-) :-) :-)

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  • Hi

    Aswell as doing a new blog for each poem, it will probably help Margaret if we copy it onto the old poetry blog, what do you think.?


  • Good Idea x G x :-)

  • Hi I sent a poem about frogs swimming around and Lizzie loved it. The only thing is after the original feedback it disappeared from the blog. Don't know where it went or if people liked it. I thought it was really good but it wasn't my work someone sent it to me when I was poorly.

    Lucy x

  • Hi Lucy'

    I remember the poem you sent, and you cheered me up a lot, I thought it was great , I have found when and where your posted it, if you go in archives last but one top left, click on to the March archive you'll find it on Lizzie's blog, when she was sad but trying not to be (March 30th) yoo'll find it there you posted on March 31st, I often go back and read it as I loved it so much. I don't think we can use it because of the copyright but you could post it again on here, as I for one would love it and I know Lizzie loved it as she mentioned it again at a later date.It is such a hassle having to look for it every time I want to read it. :-)

    love x G x

  • Hi Gwyn I know I love that poem and remember Lizzie liked the thought of swimming around? I'm on the motorway on my way back from Scotland but won't be home until Tuesday I'll send it then? I'm glad it makes people smile that's why I share it. Stay well.

    Lucy x

  • Hoped you had a good time, and have a pleasant journey home :-) x G x

  • I'm a computer idiot. I seem to be going round and round trying to find the right place.

    I left a poem on "Lizzie's banner" which I thought the best place for it but now I'm stuck for what to do. I have loved everyone else's poems wherever I happen across them. Thank you all and love, Liz

  • Hi Liz

    Thank you for your lovely poem...It isn't you being an idiot...I don't think it is easy to find things.. as the blogs keep going further back out of sight .. that is why I started a new blog... but this blog too Is quickly disappearing..this is why I thought people could put it on their own blog... I don't think anything works and really don't know what else to do...the tag at the top enables people to find them though... Particularly as it allows you to press In alphabetical order so if you press P the Poem blogs come up!!! I don't know how to cut and least not on my iPad.. so if I move or copy anything to another blog I have to write it all out (with one finger haha) I'm hopeless...Margaret is busy copying and pasting though (I think)...

    Your poem is lovely and does seem fitting on the banner blog.

    Best wishes x G x :-)

  • Hi Liz

    I have typed your poem on the original Poem blog as well, (under your name) I hope you don't mind... I was afraid it might be missed love x G x :-)

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