Link to Gina G's Cancer Diary - 2012-2016

Link to Gina G's Cancer Diary - 2012-2016

Hi folks! A while ago I informed you that my lovely girlfriend, known to you as Gina G, had passed away. I mentioned at the time that she wanted her cancer diary (2012-2016) to be made available to you. It can be a bit of a harrowing read but you may find it informative. You can access it on the following blog page: ginagcancerdiary.blogspot.c...

I wish you true happiness and strength this Christmas (which can be a very emotional time of the year) and the very best of luck for 2017.

Much love,

Ronnie x

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  • I have read this. What a truly amazing lady. So brave. x

  • The best to you too Ronnie. I will read the diary, thanks.

    Take care, Netti

  • This is an amazing account. Thank you so much xx

  • Thank you so much for doing this, Ronnie.

    I often think of her.

    I expect this will be a tough time for you and wish you the best possible 2017. xxx

  • Dear Ronnie, thank you for posting the link. What a wonderful happy and beautiful photo too. Her vibrancy shines through in your picture. I hope you do find that your happy memories of Gina and your time together come through and give you solace.

    Take care

    Clare ❤️🐾❤️🐾

  • Thanks very much for this. I found it very helpful reading that she was herself, and asking for her needs to be met, until the end. I hope you are finding Christmas bearable. I have a funeral next week. A 93 year old but it's a very strange time to be bereaved.

  • Very moving. Thanks for sharing. My thoughts are with you. I am glad you had each other.


  • Thank you Ronnie - I find Xmas is always terribly difficult without the ones we have loved and lost. Hope you've managed to have a peaceful day and here's to a healthier 2017 for us all!

    Jemima x

  • Thank you for sharing this. She was incredibly brave and dignified. I'm sorry for both of you.

  • I'm so sorry to hear this .. bloody unfair this disease xx

  • thanks for this.....and thanks to Gina for being so honest and determined....I might keep it for my children so they can really understand...

  • Thank you for sharing. I am saddened immensely but so impressed by Gina x

  • Hi Ronnie

    I have just finished reading the diary and a brave lady shone through it all. I found myself getting angry while reading the parts describing the indifference of some of the medical profession .She put up such a fight to get on the various trials while all the time dealing with the relentless advance of this horrific disease. It's effect on the dignity of women needs to be shouted from the rooftops . Why is it still the silent killer ? I found myself in tears through much of the diary and scared for the future . The one good constant through the story was your support for her. Thank you for allowing us to read her diary. May her lovely memory bring you future happiness .

  • I've spent the last few days reading this, between internet nightmare s, despite all the time I've known Gina I didn't realise she blogged. Her honest recount of the debilitating effect of treatment and lack of team undergoing highlights how strong she was. May Gina RIP. Sending you cyber vibes of strength for this difficult time. Thanks for the link


  • Thank you for sharing, Gina was an amazingly strong lady xxxx

  • Thank you for posting and sharing this incredible account of Gina's experience. I read it yesterday and found it to be a really profound, moving and detailed narrative of her interaction with the medical system. What really impacted on me (and scared me also) was how she had to be her own advocate within the medical and treatment system all the time, even in the later stages when she was so unwell and in such pain and discomfort. She was so courageous and brave.

    Thinking of you at this really difficult and sad time.

    x Marguerite

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