Duckling in my garden!

Just been out cutting the grass in my front garden, which had got really long.As I finished, a duckling came running across the(busy) road and headed straight for my garden. I don't have pond but there is a very dark , wet corner of my garden which has pondweed growing and sometimes attracts frogs.. It went straight there!

Hoping its ok, I think it will be, as it ran fast and seemed to know where it was going.Its really beautiful.Got a picture on my phone but have never learned to transfer pics to my computer, otherwise would show you.

Any other wildlife sightings?


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  • Not this weekend but we did have a surprise wildlife sighting recently. We bought a two-person kayak. Trying out out for the first time we were paddling along very nicely when there was a great splash and up came a massive black whiskered seal about 4 feet from the kayak. We didn't know at the time that it had lived in the marina for years and has a formidable reputation for eating ducks whole. Lucky for us it seemed to have surfaced to find out why there appeared to be an upside-down shark in the Marina and once it had satisfied its curiosity and saw it was just the bottom of the kayak it disappeared again below the surface. Afraid I was too shocked to think about whipping out my phone and taking a pic for you. xxx

  • Hi Annie

    That sounds really scary.What a shock!


  • It was Julie. I've always considered myself an animal lover but have never confronted a large animal face to face like that before. Now I admire David Attenborough even more than ever!

    Your post was brilliant to cheer up a wet day. Now I'll continue to look out for other wildlife and will report in if I spot anything interesting - camera at the ready.

    I saw on another post you're on chemo again. I wish you well with that. xx Annie

  • Hi Annie

    I'm still on the same chemo, last dose is next week.

    Yes I'm an animal lover too, but wary of large wild animals at close quarters.We have seals in the sea locally, sometimes they get washed up on the beach, they get rescued and taken to a seal sanctuary.They always seem so harmless.

    However, when Sarah(youngest daughter) was about 14 was swimming in the sea with a large group of friends and she is convinced that she was scraped by a seal!Something large and alive brushed against her and she only saw it out of the corner of her eye before it was gone.She did have quite bad parallel scratch marks on her leg.I was very sceptical but when we checked on the internet there were cases of people being scratched and even bitten!.


  • Lovely Julie I like ducks ( not to eat ) haha :-) x G x

  • Haha Gwyn, not a lot of meat on this one, see for yourself just worked out how to transfer photo its on a new blog as I couldn't work out how to get it on this one.


  • Hi Julie, send the duckling down here to Dorset as it has rained all day and he can swim on our lawn!! Hehe :))) Love the pic. Gill

  • Hi Gill

    Well the Duckling has gone, hopefully back to its mother or a nice river. If its heading for Dorset its quite a trip, we are in Norfolk!

    Although it was lovely I'm glad it left, my cat would probably have eaten it.


  • Hi Julie,

    We have a large black toad living under a piece of wood in my garden. Not as cute as a duckling though.

    I live in Norfolk as well near Diss. Whereabouts are you?

    Cheers Jackie

  • Hi Jackie

    Thanks .Not had any toads but we get a few frogs hopping around.

    I am in Caister on sea.Had my op at Norwich and have chemo at James Paget..


  • Hi Julie,

    I have all my treatment at Norwich. Currently in between treatment at moment. Due to have next lot about September.

    I don't know whether you would fancy meeting up at some point. A few of us got together last month at the big c centre at Norwich hospital. There are not any local support groups for us ovarian ladies so we have made up our own.

    We are going to meet up again possibly at the end of the month subject to how people are doing with their treatment. I can let you know when that is if you want.

    It's nice to know there are local people around to compare notes with and give support to when we need it.

    Speak again soon


  • Hi Jackie.


    Yes, I am interested in the meeting. I have chemo on 20th June. Sometimes I'm fine the week after and sometimes not.If you let me know the date I will hopefully make it.I will message you my phone no.

    Speak soon


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