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Rejoice in the day!!

Good morning everyone,its a beautiful day,at least it is in Essex! Thank you for all the encouraging posts,love and thoughts back to everyone.I have always believed that every cloud has a silver lining and Im learning that this is no different. I can only speak of my own experiences but already things I didnt fully appreciate before are huge sources of joy and comfort! The kindness of people that I wasnt close to has amazed me,the chance to just sit in the garden rather than having to work in it,birds are fascinating!!Books I always felt too guilty to take time out to read,not any more!I have time to think,no more rushing to work,shopping etc!Even feeling ill has its up side because on the days I dont its great!I really hope that everyone is able to find some positive in the things we are all going through,if you look hard enough they are there!

God bless you all,Gillyxxx

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Gilly Im with you one that one, carry on enjoying the simple things in life

they are always the best pleasures.

Take care,

Love to everyone on Overcome.

Trish x x


Hi Gilly, I was diagnosed stage 4 last year and had surgery and chemo. I made a concious decision that no matter how bad I felt I would try and think of something positive each day and this has stayed with me. I find joy in so many things now. I've cut my working week to 2 days instead of 5 and have freedom to enjoy the things I want to do. I would never have made this decision without this life changing illness. So you are right, every cloud has a silver lining. Weather glorious here in Southampton going to sit in the garden today and read a book. Housework can wait!!

Chris x x


Hi chrisr I was diagnosed stage 4 in 2004 so thats 7 years on just to show that it can be done.!

Love Clematis


Hi Clematis

You have made my and hugs x x


I've only just seen this one, Gilly! I totally agree with you. I was only borderline, but I'm still here 8 years on and every so often, I get a real contented moment, when I think of all the simple pleasures I've come to appreciate. Like looking at my garden, visiting lovely places or a walk on Southend sea front with friends followed by tea, cakes and a good natter -- like I did today. Yes, I'm an Essex girl too! Well, via Yorkshire, Cheshire South Wales --ending up here! Continue treating yourself kindly, take the time you need when you're not feeling quite so good, and concentrate on feeling better. Your positive attitude will serve you well.

Love Wendy xx


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