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We are grandparents at last

I hope this post doesn't upset anyone but I would like to share the news that our lovely daughter gave birth to our first grandchild on 3rd May. She had a relatively easy labour considering she had LLETZ treatment on her cervix for precancerous cells in 2008. I was with them throughout the labour and have to say it was the most exhilarating experience of my life so far.

Our beautiful grandson Kai Alexander was born at 13.18 weighing in at 7lbs 1oz. Small hiccupp in the fact that my daughter was actually StrepB+ and should have been on A/Bs through labour so the wee man had to go to SN for A/Bs for 3 days but he is perfectly healthy and doing really well.

Can you tell I am still on Cloud 9?

Hoping you are all keeping well and enjoying this fab sunshine :)

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Congratulations to you. Misty and to your daughter. How wonderful that kai Alexander has arrived despite all your daughter has been through. Have a wonderful life.

Thankyou for sharing your own special sunshine with all of us.

Love Suex: :-)


Congratulations to all.... Nice to hear your good news :-) :-) :-)


Congratulations Misty! Don't times like this make it all worthwhile! My youngest grandson got four gold medals in his county athletics (he is 10) and his older brother(aged 12, year 7 at highschool) got a headmasters award for progress and achievement over the year so I am bursting with pride too. Up the grannies! We rule and we can beat anything if we try! Well for now at least and that is enough!

Congratulations and love!



Congratulations to you and all your family, wonderful to hear some good news. I hope I'm around when my offspring decide to reproduce; they're all in their twenties but not showing any signs of settling down!!

Liz X


What lovely news.Congratulations to you and all your family.

Best wishes,



Congratulations! I know how you feel- I was made a granny for the third time just after last Xmas and was privileged to be with my daughter. Erin Rose was baptised last weekend and I felt really lucky to be there- I could not have made the journey a year ago. What a difference a year can make!


Anne xx

PS Enjoy Kai while he is at what I call the 'sleepy stage'!


Congratulations to you all. I consider you very lucky to be close enough to your daughter to be present all the time. I now have 6 grandchildren, the youngest born last July I have yet to meet as she is in los Angeles and I can't fly. The ones in this country are 100 miles away, so we see them as often as we can, and I'm trying to do things to give them special memories of me. The trouble is they grow up too soon. Enjoy them while you can.

Love n hugs



Delightful news ..

Congratulations to you and your family xxx

Love Janet xxxx


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