My Ovacome

Had my penultimate chemo today but had a shock!

Went for my 5th treatment and into the waiting room came our ex mayoress with her daughter, we know each other a little but have never been close friends. I went over to say hello and it turned out the appointment was for her daughter Sarah. Sarah then told me she had ovarian cancer, stage 1c like me. She had put on she thought a lot of weight this summer, until in the end she looked pregnant and was having trouble eating. Went to her gp , and was sent for tests but then the cyst ruptured and they discovered the cancer. Why I was even more upset was because Sarah was at primary school with my son who died, she is only 36/37........I just felt so shocked/sad/angry for her. She has had 2 chemos so far and seemed very upbeat. Didn't have time to talk more as I was called in for my treatment, 2 attempts to get a cannula in, lovely bruising! So one to go then a ct........praying! xx

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Your post prompted two thoughts.

There do seem to be a lot of young women coming along with this disease at the moment and it must have been nice for them to have an old hand to make it seem a bit more familiar.

(It won't seem like this to you of course!) but I can't believe you've only got one to go. It only seems yesterday you started!

Good luck! xx


It must be quite a shock meeting someone you know having treatment in the chemo ward! With the same diagnosis too. Hopefully things will turn out well for you both. And you've only got one to go.....good luck!


Good luck with your last chemo and scan. Fingers crossed for you.

I know just how sad and shocked you felt seeing someone so young with Ov Ca. I always feel the same. When there was talk on the radio of having a screening programme for the over 50s I found myself yelling, " 50 is too late, it should be at least 40". Through this site I have heard of so many younger people having ovCa and it really upsets me, especially if they have children. I am very lucky, diagnosed at almost 64 and now I'm just 74. Ten years, when I wasn't expected to survive ten months.

I'm so sorry to read you have lost your son so young.

Love, Solange


Thank you Solange, I have always said that no matter what happens to me now will never be as awful as losing Matthew, its a pain that never goes away. Ten years! What hope that gives to us all, what stage were you diagnosed at? Keep healthy and a Happy New Year to you! x


Well that was a shock and a half, so sad to see a young person sick with Ovarian Cancer, it reminds us that no matter how bad we are there is someone worse. You are nearly there now and I hope your side effects are mininal and that your last chemo will go well. About the scan well you have completed treatment so hopefully all will be very well,


So sad when she is so young but hopefully she will beat this ! Good luck with your CT scan xx💕


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