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Trapped Wind

First day back at work today and I was woken up at 4.15 this morning with the most awful gripes and trapped wind. I assume the culprit is the peas I ate last night with my roast dinner. The pain was horrendous and hubby was convinced that there was something seriously wrong and couldn't believe that a few peas could cause such pain, The pain eventually subsided enough at 7.00 for me to get into the shower and get ready for work. I nearly didn't go in but thought it would look really bad if I cried off on my first day back. I then dropped my son off at school and went to catch the bus into town to find it was running late due to the snow. I then decided to walk and eventually arrived at work half an hour later with a very bloated and sore tum and wet feet as my boots had leaked. My first day back didn't go as well as I hoped but hey ho at least I made it and yes, peas are definately off the menu for now.

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Oh dear that doesn't sound good. I'm sure peas shouldn't suddenly cause so much discomfort out of the blue. I wonder if it's just a matter of a winter bug going round.

I hope your work appreciated the effort you made to get to work. Many others will less to deal with than you didn't bother.

Hope tomorrow goes better for you.

love Annie x


What bad luck that it coincided with your first day back at work. I hope tomorrow is easier or are you starting off gradually on a part-time basis? I bet you are tired now. Are you on a low residue diet? I am and I think food with fibre Like peas would probably give me pain too.

Hope you don't have to go through it again.



Hi Sarah I have been on a low residue diet 6months+ and peas are definitely no no :-( along with beans,chickpeas etc



I had a bowel obstruction before Christmas and that has certainly made me stick to the diet!


Sorry you had such a bad day that started so early. Surely it can only get better? Trapped wind is solo painful.

Take care and here's to a better day tomorrow.

Love Linda xx


Bad though your trapped wind must have been I think your determination to work is brilliant and such a positive spirit will help you through coping with what thisndisease might throw at you. Keep going! Xx


Hi ladies, I'm convinced it was definately the peas. The gripes I had were the same as when I ate an apple. Peas and apples are defiantely off the menu for now. I was absolutely exhausted last night and woke up in the middle of the night with muscular pain around my middle. I think this was down to my walk in the snow and then sitting at a desk for 4 hours. I only 5 hours a day but this week I'm going to do 4. That way I can go home for a rest for an hour before picking my son up from school. Feeling a bit deflated today. My boss was so supportive when I went off sick but now I'm back I get the impression he thinks I'm back to normal because I only had a borderline tumour. I still had major surgery though and I'm still struggling with my bowels. I'm beginning to wish I had listened to everyone who warned me not to go back to work so quickly. My positive spirit seems to have upped and gone today Lill :(


Hi there ,

I have had in the past before OC really bad trapped wind and have tried fennel tea ..with good results ..also laying on your left side in bed and bringing up your right knee to your chest did release lots of trapped wind ..Its so very very painfull and you just need to move it and quick ....

Do hope you are feling better today xxx

Love Jan xxxx


Thanks Jan, I'll give these a try. xx


HI there

So sorry that your first day back was a bit difficult.

This sounds like a very busy day for somebody who has had recently had major surgery. The more you do the more people will expect of you. Please do take things easier , you are still healing and the last thing you want is to get worse. I can't tell you how much I regret overdoing things and how much I missed out on as a result.

Five hours plus childcare is way too much......sorry to be such a nag.

Charlie xxxx


Thanks Charlie, Today has been a better day. I managed to catch the bus down to work and intend on catching it back so the only walking I will be doing is to school. Tea will be something out of the freezer and I might even pour myself a class of wine to go with it. I'm off work Friday so I intend on doing very little (the housework can wait). Thanks for all your comments everyone, I really appreciate your advice and it realy helps to offload to people who understand. xxxx


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