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All for Eve

You may all know about this but I have only just found out about this range of beauty products produced for the charity All for Eve.

It supports research into gynaecological cancers and currently is highlighting ovarian cancer! QVC carry some of the range and the overall star rating is good.

I accessed the main site by googling All for Eve and, it came up with the site. Interesting. Best wishes to all.

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Hi Lucy,

Thanks for the information... I am off to the oncologist this moning ( first of my three month check up after chemo for recurrence ) so I will check this out when I get back...all being well...... Best Wishes... Gwyneth xx


Hi! Lucy

I bought this range a couple of years ago for Christmas presents and the feedback was great.



Thanks for that Flower. Was wondering if the items would be worth trying, sounds as though it is worth giving them a go.


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