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can anyone give me some advice


I had a laparoscopy done 6 weeks ago which the gynea surgeon said didnt show anything. I had an appointment with a locum gp last week because the syptons ive been having for a while are not getting better but our getting worse. She said she is very concerned that im may have cancer and has reffered me to a specialist. I would of thought if it was cancer it would of been picked up on during surgery. but the gp said if it is inside the ovary then it wouldnt be picked up on via the surgery .

im in pieces now as dont know what to think does anyone have any thoughts or similar experience.

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I can understand how worried you must be feeling. That locum GP must not have been on the latest training which I'm sure doesn't advise saying "you might have cancer". How awful of him/her.

Anyway, at least it will put you into the "checking things out" system -- I'm assuming the locum has referred you to a gynaecology specialist at the hospital. They will probably want to do a blood test, called a CA125, and an ultrasound scan, to see if there are any causes for concern. It may be all sorts of things, not necessarily cancer. Don't despair! Even if it comes to the worst and it is cancer, they sound as if they've identified the problem early on and the outlook is good for a full recovery if that's the case. If you look on my profile, you can see what my experience was and I'm still fit and well 8 years on!

If you have any questions go back to the GP surgery with a list of symptoms (google BEAT ovarian cancer,) or Ovacome, or Eve Appeal for lots of info on symptoms) and a request for a referral to the local gynae oncology dept after having a CA125 test. I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry too much. There's a long way to go before you have to think along the lines of how to beat cancer.

If you want to email me to check anything out I'll be online later on this evening and on Tuesday but probably not tomorrow. I'm sure others on here will also offer their thoughts (one that comes to mind is that locum GP needs a severe lesson in how to talk to patients tactfully!)

Anyway, stay strong!

Love Wendy xx



When you see the Gynaecologist, I would ask for either a CT scan or an MRI scan (a CT scan can probably be organised quicker than an MRI scan), as either of these will give high detailed images of the inside of the ovary, and can show any abnormalities, be they just cysts or anything else. Cysts can present in many different ways on the images, and can be either fluid, solid (endometrial cyst), or a mixture, and none of these mean it's definitely cancer. I would guess that your ovaries were not enlarged, otherwise this would have shown during the laparoscopy, and that must be a good sign. I have to say, I would trust the surgeon who did the laparoscopy over a locum GP who doesn't know you from Adam, but for peace of mind, I would push for further tests. Like Wendy said, you should get a blood test done to check your CA 125 markers as well.

Good Luck,

Sally XX


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