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Stronger day by day

Hi everyone,thank you for your thoughts and kind wishes.Just wanted to update for the benefit of anyone approaching surgery,there really is light at the end of the tunnel! Today is 11 days post surg.and I seem to have come through the bowel trouble [though I was thinking I was going to need some kind of binding agent after the laxatives worked so well lol!],no pain to really speak of and tiredness easing.The biggest surprise was having the staples out yesterday,my wound was vertical and 7" long which didnt look pretty but as soon as the staples were out what a difference!!Bikini days not over yet! To anyone who hasnt had surgery yet dont panic,yes you will feel lousy for a few days but it quickly passes and within just a brief time you will be on the way to a new and stronger you!God bless you all,love Gillyxx

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Fantastic news, Gilly!

Keep getting stronger and stronger.

I also had a 7" vertical wound, but 2 yrs and 3 months later, it's really not a problem and shows so much less than I thought it would. I'm sure you'll look stunning in a bikini again! (I never did, so can't say I do now!!)

Isadora xx



So glad that your feeling better now, its onwards and upwards, bikini day's are here again lol. Wish I could still get into one!!

Take care,

Love Kefi x x


Well done Gilly! You're well on the way now. It's important though to still give yourself time to recover and relax. My wound is about the same as yours and I regard it as a battle scar! A battle I'm winning so far! My husband likes it too. He says it's a mark of what we got through! My recuperation was helped by walking and swimming, now I find tai chi helps a lot. The gym is a recent re-discovery. Needs must, I'm afraid, but my menopause clinic doctor recommends it as an antidote to possible osteoporosis. I need it to shift the extra half a stone I've put on this winter! Still trying to get into bikini shape for this year, so off to the gym! Keep resting and enjoying your body getting back to a new healthier you

Love, Wendy xx


Gilly, So glad so read that you are recovering well. The first two weeks I found were the worst physically and mentally. But it sounds like you are coming along just fine. I hope that you get the results you want when you next seem the doc - the waiting is awful - but try to keep positive in the meantime.

For me 18 months back, I had TAH, cervix and oominecomty(spelling may be incorrect) and they couldn't say for sure what I had until after it was taken away. My scar is about 10 ins long but not too nothered about it as I never had a flat, smooth abdo after having my kids 20 odd yrs ago ha ha.

My Ca125 was 87 at the time of the op so not too raised. Sits around 15-17 now thankfully. Had my op on 5/10 and went back on 20/10 and was told I had had Stage1A borderline tumour and that was it! I got no support mentally but I took part in an online course thru Macmillan and Stanford UNi (USA) and that really helped me come to terms with what had happened. It was based on Expert Patients Programme but was geared towards Cancer Survivors.

Will be thinking of you,



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