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Help please what will happen now?

I had been referred for a scan due to heavy periods and failure to conceive. I had a large cyst a few years ago where they removed the entire ovary. Now I have a 6.5cm cyst on the other one which is causing quite a bit of pain, I can feel pressure all the time and bloated. I just saw a sonographer who could not tell what it was and said I need to see the consultant on Friday (4 days after original scan) I wonder if anyone knows what will happen on Friday and how long I will be left before they remove this thing? I have heard it is the silent killer so would have thought they would act a lot faster than the stories I have read.

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Hi Clare

Sorry to hear that you re going through this worrying time. It's completely understandable to be thinking that you want it all sorted out straight away. I can remember the feeling of just wanting to get on with it all. I had a very strong feeling that mine was ovarian cancer at that point. I'm no expert, and if you want more medical advice, you may think of ringing the nurse helpline at Ovacome on0845 371 0554. They are so helpful and reassuring. My diagnosis followed a similar pattern to yours, though, and I can tell you about my experience. I was referred for another ultrasound, then a trans-vaginal ultrasound, (internal with a probe -- not in any way painful) then I was referred to a consultant gynae specialist a week later. I had my full hysterectomy about a week after that. No-one could say whether it was ovarian cancer or not, at that stage, but they did a CA125 blood test and the result, I found out later, was 545, which is way too high (mine is now 12). I only knew it was OC after the surgeon had operated and about six weeks after that after all the stuff they took out was analysed, I knew about the further treatment, stage and type of the OC. Mine was borderline, and I didn't need further treatment. I was monitored monthly with a CA125 test for 6 months then every 3 months, then every 6 months and now once a year. I have to say the care and service I received on the NHS was absolutely brilliant, and I'm sure that your care will be the same. I hope this info will help you with what to expect, but I strongly recommend you ringing someone at Ovacome, as they have all had lots of personal and family experience of these symptoms and can give you up to date answers about the likely treatment and timescales. Just try to stay calm and let me know how you get on.

Good Luck

Wendy x


Its funny that this time a week ago I was worried about not being able to conceive another child and now I really couldn't care less about that and am more worried about becoming seriously ill. Before something like this happens I think lots of people associate cancer with death because in the media all we see are negative stories we don't hear about all the ones who get better. I had a trans vaginal scan on Monday but it was at a clinic and the sonographer said a consultant needs to do the same again on Friday, I don't know whether she will give me any idea what it is or refer me to a gynaecologist and more waiting. On a regular day I am one of the most impatient people you could ever meet, I hate waiting and not knowing. I'm trying to think positive because I have just had a smear which was clear so hopefully if it is cancer it won't have spread far. Other positives such as no more periods etc. I will see what happens on Friday and possibly ring them then, thank you for your reply. xxx


Good luck on Friday, Clare. I had to go for four scans in all, with different strengths of images and different levels of expertise. I'm sure they want to be quite sure what's going on before they operate. The point you make about cancer/death link is well made. I do quite a bit of publicity work and people are still sometimes very reticent to ask questions. I have made lots of contacts through Ovacome and The Eve Appeal, and met some truly amazing women, all of us survivors in our own ways. I'm sure you will find the strength to have whatever treatment you need. The support on this site is great too! You are completely right about having the op - the absence of periods is still an amazing liberation, even after 8 years. I adore being able to wear white jeans in the summer now :-).

Love, Wendy x


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