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The Budgig Diet

Hi Everyone,

Me again (you can tell I`m off work at the moment as I`m always on the computer) Don`t worry only another 7 weeks and hopefully I will be back to work. I just wanted to share an Email I got from Sandy in Canada re the Budwig Diet. This is supposed to help our bodies during cancer and other illnesses. Its quite simple.

1. Eat The Budwig Breakfast everyday

2. Omit bad fats and sugars

3. Eat lots of organic fruit and vegetables

4. No white stuff , no white flour or white rice. Only have brown rice and wholegrain bread.

5. If you have a juicer juice veg and fruit.

6. No red meat, it does also say no chicken or fish but Sandy said she has carried on eating chicken and fish to avoid anemia.

The Budwig Breakfast is Flax seed oil and cottage cheese sweetened with honey and fruits.

If you go on Youtube and put in The Budwig Diet a lady demonstrates how to make it. Its very easy

I tried it yesterday for the first time and its quite nice, tastes a bit like thick yogurt.

Sandy has been in remission for thirteen years, so hopefully if it has worked for her its worth giving it a go, I know I am definitely going to try it .

Love and happy eating to all

Babs x x

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Hi Babs,

That's a useful precis of the protocol. You can use organic, grass-fed, live yoghurt instead of the quark - it's nicer, I think.

Dr Budwig was a difficult character (I read), and found the necessary politics involved in promoting the efficacy of her work frustrating and impossible. Consequently she was not as celebrated as she should have been.

Good luck with your use of the protocol.



Hi Isadora

I am trying to get grass fed yogurt but not having much success. do you order yours over the internet? I want to try this but cant do cottage cheese. Have ground linseed on my cereal but fancy giving this a try.



I don't know where you are, of course, but Riverford organics cover an increasing area of the country, and their dairy products are from grass-fed cattle, farmed organically.

Very best wishes,



many thanks I will give this a try



Dear Babs, how are you getting on with this? Once you explained where to get the flax seed I bought all the ingredients and have eaten the Budwig for breakfast for three days now. It's not at all bad but it is very filling. Today I had to leave half in the fridge and eat it later.

I now seem to have Budwig Bowel. I feel as though I've eaten a tree. Hope the extra traffic isn't causing you any discomfort given you've just recently had your op. I loved the instruction to sunbathe a bit after breakfast and a glass of champagne later in the morning.

To anyone reading this it is a good sense diet - but it does contain a lot of cottage cheese!

Xxx Annie


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