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Anyone with any experience of tamoxifen?

Anyone have any experiences of tamoxifen? 

My mum had her first regular check up today after finishing chemotherapy (carbo/taxol) in October for stage 4 oc. Our worst fears have been realised and her ca125 is up from 17 at the end of November to 289.  This is a massive jump, especially considering it was only 437 when she was diagnosed.  

Her oncologist has put her on tamoxifen in the hope that it might slow or stop the rise in her ca125. Does anyone have any experience of this drug? Good or bad?

 Also does ca125 tend to rise more quickly with a recurrence? I'm concerned that it's nearly up to her pre chemo/surgery levels already And hoping that maybe the ca125 markers tend to be higher with a recurrence -anyone had this? 

Thank you x

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I was on tamoxifen for 4years then changed to anastrole a similar drug.I had o.c. Last march having carboplatin and taxol and although worked well, it has returned so don't know if anastrole does any good. But worth a try lol nikkixx


I was diagnosed with 3c O.C. In june 2009 ive been on gemcitabin/carboplating, taxol, caelyx, nothing worked. It was suggested I went on 2 tamoxifen my ca 125 has come down over the months. My consultant told me you'll know when tamoxifen stops working as your ca 125 will shoot up. Ive been fine, no nasty side effects & I feel as if I have a life back. Hope this helps, all the best Hayley x x



Don't get too worried about the CA125 figures. They are an indicator only and sometimes not very accurate. I have had figures as high as 9,000 and haven't really felt that ill!

Haven't had tamoxifen yet but its nice to know there is something else on the menu.

All the best to you and your Mum.



Hi, I've recently had 4 sessions of radiotherapy, for a couple of localised hotspots. I wont know the results for 2/3 weeks as radiation causes inflammation on the pelvic area it has zapped and wouldn't give a true picture for c.t scan or c.a 125. If the radiotherapy is unsuccessful my oncologist has suggested that he might try Tamoxifen at some stage .We will see eh .

Best wishes

Suzie que xxx

Saying as it is Ovarian Cancer awareness month I would like to say Best Wishes to all involved in this site .From Jenny Agutter to the Medical experts ,to the board, to the volunteers to our families and friends , but most of all Love and Heartfelt Best Wishes to all of us O.C girls .I pray for each and everyone of us to stay strong , keep well , and keep positive for whatever lies ahead ....

Suzie que xxxx


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