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Elevated CA 125, 3 mths after treatment

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My CA125 was 7500+ in Sep, 2021. I had 3 rounds of chemotherapy, followed by a surgery and again 3 rounds of chemotherapy. Last chemo was completed on 24.1.22. On 25.1.22 CA 125 was 3.7. On 2.5.22, my CA 125 was 130 and on 11.5.22 CA 125 was found to be 371. I had a PET CT on 9.5.22 which is very clear. Any one has this kind of experience? what is the course of treatment undergone? thanks.

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Hello, so your scan was clear but your ca125 is going up? Hmmm, could you have any other source of inflammation? An infection or even a healing problem? Are you symptomatic at all?

I had a raised ca125 plus a scan that showed some activity but it took more than 2 years for me to become symptomatic with a recurrence.

I think go back to your oncologist and ask what they make of it. Tell them you are worried and need to know what is going on. But be prepared, they may not know either xx

Was it definitely a PET scan you had , not a CT scan? Could you perhaps ask that another radiologist 2nd reads your scan? If it was a PET scan and nothing detected be joyous. Good luck .

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Yes. It was PET CT only. The oncologist decided to wait for 15 days have one more Ca125 test and if it remains elevated will have an MRI Scan

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My understanding was a PET scan would light up any cancer cell anywhere in the body, the ultimate in detection. (In UK, was a TV documentary on BBC4 last night about it!). So my understanding, if your PET scan is clear, then you are cancer free. I do hope so. What does an MRI do in relation to cancer detection, do you know?

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You are right. I also heard so. But why the elevated CA levels? Does it mean some cancer is in the creation stage? Is it like PET Scan has not identified as it has not become cancer? Worried.

I have just had a similar experience. 4. Rounds of chemo followed by surgery and then 2 rounds. Before surgery the 125 was128 and after surgery my 125 level was 424. My oncologist ordered a ct scan which I found our yesterday was clear. He has now decided to put me on 3 weekly maintenance on the basis that it was probably inflammation from the surgery but will be monitoring closely with 3 week blood tests and 3. Monthly scans. 🤞🤞

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