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Something we like about ourselves

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Gosh two posts in two consecutive days.

After my post yesterday focusing on feeling shite about how surgery affects our physical appearance, I felt the need to be more positive today.

So, please let me know what physical attribute you like about yourself.

I’m going to start - my mouth - my smile. At school I was called rubber lips but so many have lip fillers these days - something I luckily wouldn’t ever need.

We all need to try & be kinder to ourselves.

Sending love & hugs, Lynne xx

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So was I! Hated my lips at the time...but so grateful for them now .Xx

👄 💕👄

Goodness, I'm finding this much more difficult to answer compared with your previous question... I didn't respond to that because physically, so many things have changed and been lost for me, some of it due to crossing the line and becoming over 70, and I could have gone on for a while about clothing (basically, if it hasn't got a wide elastic waist, or doesn't cover my legs from top to bottom, or isn't baggy round the middle for tops, I can't wear it, mostly because I have the biggest incisional hernia in the world). I would have said my hair I suppose, and maybe will again when its recovered from the thinning associated with the most recent chemo and been streaked again, so the only thing I can think of right now is my cheekbones I guess.... still very high and prominent. Just as well, I think they're the only thing holding at least some of my face up😉


It’s hard isn’t it Miriam? Sounds like your cheekbones are to die for ( oops bad choice of wording). You go girl ! Thanks for replying 💕

Think I'd have swapped them for starting out with fuller lips - they've always been on the thin side, and now I'm old and lost teeth due to chemo, well... need I say more! It's not a pretty sight, but hey ho, it's how I look... at least I'm still here and can still eat okay🍰 There's an advantage in mask wearing for me - covers up the most ravaged area of my face, haha!


I have to say my hair. It was, and is still, my crowning glory. Even tho I completely rocked my bald head during and after chemo, I couldn’t wait til it started growing in again. I have always had long hair and even at age 71, still keep it long!

6 years after chemo to get to this point!
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Rosebine2 in reply to Mommoo65

Beautiful! I want to know why my head hair remains thin but my hairy legs are as bad as they ever were !

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Mommoo65 in reply to Rosebine2

My eyebrows and eyelashes never fully came back! It took 6 years of trimming and massaging my hair to get it back. It is still thin on the top so I wear headbands or put it in a ponytail most of the time. Leg hair came back. 😕

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GramJ in reply to Rosebine2

My hair is staring to grow on my head. But my chin and lip whiskers were first to come in ! Darn!! It was nice having a smooth face🙂. Done with Taxol but I am now on carbo/cytoxin. Hope it doesn’t take my 1/4 inch hair! My hair was a beautiful shade of white/silver. And I have an enthusiastic smile. Hope you all have a happy Holy Week!Barb

Gorgeous locks 💕

Thank you!

After losing my hair, growing it back, dyeing it red then platinum…. I discovered that it is naturally a lovely honey blonde with very little grey…derrr. So now I don’t waste money on hair dye any more!

I am fortunate I suppose, I have never either liked or disliked anything about my outward physical appearance. Just as well as surgery scar got infected and did not heal for 5 months leaving me with a very weird looking scar!! Don't get me wrong I do wear makeup now and then. I like to wear clothes that I am comfortable in and that suit my shape. Maybe,how I think is what I like about myself. Xx

Finished frontline October 2021 currently NED I always liked my hair platinum blonde pixie result of bad 1980’s perm ha! I painstakingly used the cooling cap kept most of my hair and still had a bit of hi lights 3 cuts and 3 hi lights later it’s back to where it was presently blessed like my dimple only one Mom always told me where the Angel kissed me. My scars fading just got my incisional hernia repaired at present life is good!

When I was younger I hated my bottom which is shapely but now especially after the Kardashian (sorry don't watch the programme so don't know how to spell it) I think my bottom is lovely. I like my ears and nose too. ha. ha.

I’d have to say my eyes, they’ve always been very blue

Hi Lynne, I didn't get to reply to your previous post & I could have filled nearly an A4 page of things that I dislike about my body since been diagnosed 😉, especially now that I have scars that I never had, an ostomy bag & now been a size 14 when I used to be 5ft 8 & size 10 so yes this is hard.... Maybe my boobs because they are a lot bigger now whereas they were non existent before especially after my first op when I lost so much weight. Now the poor oncology nurses have some job trying to find my port because its nearly lost...... No need for a boob job here 😂🤣. Its good to be still alive & kicking & good to laugh at ourselves now & again Xx Hope this brings a smile to those rubber lips of yours 💋

Most definitely did - thank you for the laugh out loud moment. You’re a star ⭐️ xx

Wow. I was called rubber lips too although they were far from the Mick Jagger look - just full. People can be so cruel. Mine still have a good shape and just look normal now even the desired look. I always think Angelina Joli 👄. I suppose best feature is now high cheek bones seeing that my hair is no longer thick and luxurious. Sadly it got thinner with treatments etc but it does still do a fairly good job of covering my scalp - no bald patches.😜

Like your positive spin on things. When I’m feeling low I find it harder to be grateful for all the little things, big things & everything inbetween. Sending love xx

I try to practise thankfulness and not to dwell on what I have lost. Not always successful especially when I am in pain but like everyone, I'm sure, I have my bkeak moments. Thankfully not that often. Thank God for a well developed sense of humour. Hugs. Jackie

I am thankful that i am starting to look like myself again. Although i wear a headscarf as part my modesty, my hair had been my crowning glory. My hair was long, dark brown and straight and in beautiful condition. Its now grown back and I have a head full of curls, a new experience for me. I have some eye lashes and eyebrows so feeling more confident about my appearance.

I am about 9 or 10 pounds heavier than i was pre op and treatment. I have managed to loose 8 pounds and some clothes are starting to fit me better.

I am thankful for each day.

A picture of me

Gorgeous photo. You look stunning xx

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Trickysite in reply to Nus38

Hi Beautiful, you may find your curls gradually turn into straight hair. After mybreast cancer chemo my hair grew back a mass of curls but eventually grew my normal straight with a slight wave. My hair is only an inch long at moment and does not look as if it will be curly this time but the jury is out!

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