Something really strange going on

Something really strange going on

Something really strange has been going on for the last few days in that I haven't received email notifications of new blogs and posts on the Health Unlocked site.

I'm missing you all and I'm feeling a bit out of touch and lonely but will do my best to track what's going on and contribute to the community.

with love xxxx Annie

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  • Hi Annie,

    Well if it is of any help neither have...I so you are not the only one, I have only commented because I have looked and not because I knew about posts love x G x :-)

  • The dots were a mistake, I haven't had email notification either xx

  • I haven't had any email notifications either, Annie.

    Jill xx

  • I noticed you weren't around and presumed you were busy! Please don't ever feel lonely-, you're always one of the first to reach out to people on this site, best wishes S x

    PS you haven't by chance signed up with any other HU sites have you- I did this and thought that I wasn't getting Ovacome updates. It turned out that on the email they were further down the page!! Just a thought :-) xxx

  • Dear Sarah and Gwyn

    Thanks both of you for your reassurance. I was thinking I was the cause of this. I checked my settings and the option to receive daily notifications is hatched. With a number of comments and posts deleted recently from this site for no apparent reason I began to wonder what's going on.

    Gwyn - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I should have composed a poem by today and have been doing so in my head and thinking of you.

    To Sarah - I'm never too busy to read the posts and I'd miss friends here if we weren't in touch. I have subscribed to the Ovacare Community which is for women with Ovarian Cancer. I usually get emails from both sites. Perhaps there's a glitch with the HEALTH UNLOCKED site. xx

    Thanks so much. I feel so much better now. xxx Love Annie

  • Don't think it is a glitch, as I haven't signed up for any other site and I am not getting any. have you read my chemo day poem? I posted it yesterday....and oh it is my birthday tomorrow (not today) but I have been out all day today...and I was out all day yesterday so making hay while the sun shines love x G x :-)

  • Poor Gwyn not getting any.... ;-)

  • Cheeky Chick teehee love x G x :-)

  • Quick Chick! xxx

  • Quirky Chick xx

  • Our online friend must be a QUERTY Chick!

  • I had a lovely image that you'd gone sailing- no wifi, bottle cooling in the water tied by a string.... Xx

  • Thought it was my phone. X

  • At last we're all in touch with one another. xxxxx

  • Hi everyone,

    I haven't been getting email notifications either.

    Anne x

  • I haven't had the notifications either. I think it started last weekend.

    Mary xx

  • Same with me,

    Meryl xxxx

  • Me too. I wonder, after a certain time, do they assume you are dead????

  • ha ha ha ha! The Mummy Returns!!!!

  • Well, now we know, don't we? An upgrade and a new format.....not sure if I like it! I went on HU first thing to put your Birthday poem on there for your birthday, Gwyn, only to get a message that the site was down. So, Birthday poem was re-routed :-o Hope you've had a good day, it's our friend's birthday today too. We're off out for a meal with him and his wife tonight, so I'll raise a glass to you too!

    Love Wendy xx

  • What I would like to know is what has happened to your picture Annie? Is it just my iPad, but you are just a blank at the moment!


  • I am rather lost and confused - don't come on very often so struggling to find where the blogs and questions are. Was this initiated by Ovacome or health unlocked -have I missed a consultation or something? I felt quite comfortable with how it all was!!

    Really enjoying the lovely weather - rather busy with daughter graduating and re-locating from Norwich to Truro (much nearer Plymouth!!), poorly elderly mum needing more support and respite care (so I can go to graduation!) plus still settling in to returning to work myself......... Oh well I like to be busy!!

    Happy Birthday Gwyn!

    Lynn x

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