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don't we all know...

HI Everybody,

We all seem to be having the same problems now, I thought things were getting bad with me, but now I know for sure. My CA125 is 630, and the Dr at the Marsden yesterday wants all the scans etc before they see me again next Tuesday to decide what treatment they can give me. She said give them a ring if the ascities needs draining before then! Makes you feel good doesn't it. Bank holiday weekend as well.All the plans up the creek now, both for the rest of this week, and all of next week, which culminates in my friends funeral. Anyone know how I can keep it away until next week is over? I haven't got time to be bad yet.

stay positive

Love n hugs


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Hi Viv. I am so sorry to hear that things are getting worse for you. Just wanted to send you a big hug (((xxx)))

It wil be a long wait for you until Tuesday, wish I could think of some helpful suggestions as to how to pass the time, but you know all the standard ploys and have advised others on here with suggestions, I am sure. I just hope and wish that they can come up with a good suggestion as to some treatment that can give you some more remission.

Keep your spirits up, if you can, I will be thinking of you and sending posivibes.

Love n hugs

Wendy xx

Hi Viv

Big gentle hugs winging their way to you If it is any comfort to you as we are at the same stage my ca 125 was over 2000 in feb so haeven knows what it is now!!!Scan wasn't the best either, however my own oncologist is stilll willing to treat and so are the Marsden. So am sure there will a fancy cocktail in the marsdens cabinet for you too How is your singing? Reckon we cxan give PR Chick a run for her money

Chin up girl. I'm there wednesday AGAIN pity we are a day adrift

Love Sue xxx

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Are you in Sutton or Chelsea. I'm at Chelsea, with Professor Gore.

So sorry things have taken this turn, Viv. I can only send you my very best wishes.



Fingers crossed and ascites makes itself scarce. Its difficult when a Bank Holiday co-incides with a 'bad spell'. Lets hope all stays well. Trust in the Marsden, they usually come up with a helpful plan.

All the best

x Jen

Hi viv so sorry things not good for you just now. Sending kind thoughts things pick up soon xx



Wishing you well, Viv. I hope you can employ your immense indomitability!

As Churchill said: "Keep buggering on"!!

Isadora x

Sorry about all your bad news. I've sent you an email

Love and hugs


oh Viv,

What a B*****! sending you positive thoughts and lots of support!


Dear Viv

Hang on in there till you know what they have got lined up for you next. CA125 figures aren't the whole story - I know you know this by now! Mine is 1966 but they are just numbers. It will probably rain this weekend so you wont be missing much. There is plenty of summer to come. I've been watching a lot of Chelsea - easier than doing the garden yourself.

Thanking of you.



Eat lots of good protein Viv, that helps with keeping ascites at bay, organic eggs, wild fish and of course plenty of vegetables.

best wishes


Sorry you are having a bad time at the moment. It is bad luck that its a bank holiday weekend. Fingers crossed that they can give you something effective.

Love, hugs and best wishes

Mary xxx

So sorry you are going through this Viv, especially on a bank holiday. Ascites is really the worts thing, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Fingers crossed for you and take care.

Love Linda xxx

Dear Viv ,

Thinking about you Viv , wishing things could be easier for you .

Lots of positive thoughts and vibes coming your way .

Love Jan xxxx

Viv, just sending you a cyberhug and saying we're here to support you.



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