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Tooth health !

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Just a reminder to keep up with oral health. I go every six months but my dentist said that the plaque builds up faster because chemo gives you dry mouth . She found that I had cavities under two capped teeth which had to be removed , treated and be recapped , the last being Friday. My mouth is still sore . She had me buy an electric toothbrush and flosser plus anti cavity rinse to use daily . I also chew sugarless gum to generate saliva . Just another challenge on top generated by this awful disease !! Dentist one day the oncologist the next what a great way to spend a week !!! And don't forget you need to premedicate before any dental work .I have a lovely lady dentist , thankgoodness, which helps .Have a lovely day teal ladies 🚺.


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In between treatments I was able to have a scale and polish but was meant to have them done again last week but as I am having treatment my oncologist wants me to wait. I use two electric toothbrushes one is a sort of super sonic one to try and keep plaque at bay. Dentist checked my teeth and took xrays to make sure everything was ok. So check with oncologist that they are happy for you to have it done

Thanks Lizzieanne , for input . I haven't had to have scaling , my husband has and he hates it .I have found since I've used the electric toothbrush my gums don't tend to bleed any more . If it's not one thing it's another.!

My oncologist told me from the very beginning to keep up with dental hygiene, I get my premeds through my chemo nurse .

My dentist's husband has cancer , so she is up on it and has list of what I'm getting .

Goodluck and thank you .


Thanks Gillian and to you. I get terrible plaque so so look forward to having them cleaned but will get on with it. It's true what my oncologist says it does make your gums bleed and she is frightened of infection so will do as I'm told for once. Best wishes

Glad I could hopefully have helped . An infection you don't need !! There is enough going on . I get much less bleeding now and I keep a glass with peroxide in it where I soak my toothbrushes to sterilize them . And use it has a rinse sometimes

Good luck to you .


Hi everyone. Has everyone tried using Te-pe brushes? I used to floss but I was told by my dentist that isn't considered as good as using Te-pe - he was upset as he had a teeshirt with "May the floss be with you!" on the front. Te-pe are they are little brushes in different sizes do you can really get between the teeth - really improved my gum health after I started using them.

Interesting info that plaque builds faster when on treatment- my dentist always seems to be implying that it’s my fault!

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And mine but have always had problems with plaque and spend a good amount of time cleaning them but still happens.

Fortunately when I was first diagnosed more than 6 years ago I had a teeth cleaning and dentist said toothpaste fluorodentyl has the highest Floride also prescribed a mouth spray to keep my .mouth moist. And it works

yes , dry mouth does cause cavities, I chew sugarless gum to generate saliva. Thank, you Ruebacelle


I wasnt told about dental treatment prior to chemo and being a dentaphobe put off going until this year! I was surprised the dentist didnt take any xrays, especially since I told her that Id been havin g toothache in several teeth. Sent me away for 6 months. Perhaps NHs dentists dont do x rays ?

Do try and keep ahead of it , my oncologist is very adamant about it .Wishing you luck .Maybe your team can advise y ou.


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TeddyC in reply to rosebine

My NHS dentist insists on x-ray every 2 years.

That is the usual protocol here , although our dental is private insurance. Finally , my mouth is feeling better after being treated a weekago .

Glad you feeling better.

Thanks ! Get a new crown for Christmas.

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