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Approaching surgery date

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so I'm approaching my surgery to remove my ovary and fallopian tube and should i say I'm absolutely petrified, i know that the consultant has told me that i never had cancer it was a borderline tumor, but i am so so scared still, i know it sounds selfish but i just want to be a normal healthy 22 year old again, I'm so scared they're going to do surgery and find it has spread or there's more that's wrong, please can someone give me some light at the end of my tunnel 😔

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Oh sweetie, don't borrow trouble. One step at a time. It's okay to be scared of the surgery, but remind yourself of all the successful stories in the operating room. And no matter what happens, you'll heal. You will be normal again, whatever normal is :) XXOO

Hi, I would like to give you some encouragement, I was 69 when I had my surgery and it was a lot easier then I thought, you do have to be kind to yourself arfter and rest but the body is a amazing thing and you are young and should bounce back soon.

I know you are also scared about the out come have faith in your team,

I hope you have support, we are all here at any time for advice or just encouragement, chine up take care Lorraine xx

Hi Anisha. I agree with the other ladies. This is a tough time because of some remaining uncertainty, but please try to distract yourself and not worry too much. Borderline is - as far as OC goes - not a bad starting point.

I remember my RM oncologist also refusing to let me call my disease proper cancer, after my initial borderline diagnosis (despite a few low-grade cells mixed in).

You will be a tad sore after surgery, but then rebound quickly and I'm sure you will feel better for it. All the best. Maus.

thanks ladies i suppose I'm just very scared and need to listen to my team my surgeon/consultant told me not to worry and that once I've had this surgery he's certain that will be it and that's all the treatment i need as the borderline cells were at there earliest stage being graded at a 1a, i guess I'm just worrying as any normal 22 year old would, i have 2 children one being 2 and another being 12 weeks i just want to be happy and healthy and be able to run around fields with my children without being absolutely exhausted, just hope my consultant is right and i will be ok once surgery is complete 🤞

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Here's an extra hug. Being a mom is difficult enough without this looming over you. You'll get through this. So many of us have. XXOO

Hi - just out of hospital having had my uterus, ovaries, cervix removed plus bowel dissection. I was terrified but I want to reassure you it is not as bad as one’s imagination. Plus the ladies in these forums are brilliant. Full of sound advice and keep asking.

I also have breast cancer and have outpaced the median survival for my stage. One step at a time. Good luck

Bless you lovely, we all understand your worry only too well.

Your medical team have said they’re very confident so do try to believe them. You’re allowed to be scared, any surgery is scary but your surgeon will do his/her very best for you.

We’re all here to support you and if the power of positivity helps here are bucket loads, big hugs and love for you ❤️ xx Jane

I had a Borderline tumour removed 4 yrs ago. It was 23 cm, squashing one of my lungs. They're v slow-growing, so had obviously been there for some time. And it still wasn't cancer. My consultant surgeon said I was 'cured by surgery'. They never use the word 'cured' lightly. He also said I had as much chance of further trouble as of being run over by a London bus. If there was any doubt, they'd be removing the other ovary and your uterus as well.

Only a very small percentage of a very small percentage progress to the Real Thing. Sadly, this is where you'll meet them. All the rest have forgotten all about it and gone off to live normal lives. As you will.

Best of luck with the surgery. At your age, you'll be back on your feet in no time, but enjoy someone looking after you for a change.

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